Essays by Reham Kandil

Modern History

October 24th, 2017

- If I ever have the chance to study a subject that I had never studied before, I would choose Modern History. Modern History is the study of the international chronicle events that take place since the beginning of the twenties century until now. During this period, the world has witnessed many happenings that have great impacts on our current lives. Therefore, I just cannot disregard this field of study; on the other hand, I find it very interested to read more about any situation related to this duration. My great passionate to study modern history illustrate mainly in three reasons. First of all, the majority of the ongoing events are consequences of international decisions that have been taken in the decade. For example, the creation of a great entity such as the United Nation was a result of horrible two world wars. The outputs of these wars are estimated by millions of deceased persons and injuries. That shocking number of great loss of humans has pushed the international society to startup an international organization, to have the upper word on the critical international situations. Second, the Modern History is full of many interesting facts sometimes they are funny, such as, the Soviet politician who took off his shoe in the UN general assembly in 1960s, as a way of objecting a certain decision. In addition, we can see a huge change in the position of certain countries, which was one of the leading world countries in the past and because specific actions it lost its high rank like Italy. On the contrary, some other nations that were suffering poverty, now consider developed and leading nations such as Singapore and China. Finally, studying such rich subject will introduce me to many of the world phenomenal leaders, significant characters who have changed the history such as, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. These examples must be introduced to all coming generations, where many lessons will be taught; such leaders not only have changed the destiny of their own nations but also the entire world. As after long history of wars between Britain and South Africa, Mandela succeeded to bring the peace to both countries and safe the whole world more blood. To make all the above short, I very much believe that studying Modern History is a great experience that I hope to go through one day. The lessons that I would learn deserve the time and effort that will be paid on it.

Mother Earth

October 20th, 2017

The Human activity is the fundamental reason for having our mother earth that harmed. The thing that affects our lives extremely negatively, not only our lives but also animals and plants. In the very beginning, it is a matter of fact that Ozone hole is a result of the increase of Carbon dioxide (Co2), which has led to increase the temperature of the earth, and consequently meting many of the Ice Mountains around the world that causes grave environmental crisis such as flood and toxic rains; this phenomenon is called global warming. In the last decade, we have witnessed many of these crises like Tsunami, the giant sea waves that left thousands of deceased and homeless.

Class attendance

October 16th, 2017

Many students prefer their attendance to the university’s classes to be optional, where they select which class to attend and which they do not. Myself I strongly support the other opinion that say attending classes must be obligatory.

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