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Children foreign language

October 19th, 2017

Nowadays, people's sense of value has been diverse so that there are various opinions toward the foreign languages education. Some people think that children should be taught foreign language in the early stage, while some people think there is no need to learn for children except their mother tongue. As far as I am concerned, I strongly convince that children should learn English as early as possible. I have two reasons. First and foremost, learning a foreign language is difficult for adults but not so much for children. Generally, children have an astonishing ability of memory. For example, children can remember many lyrics of popular songs without understanding what these lyrics mean. This is almost impossible for most adults. Thus, most children can remember an enormous number of vocabularies which are required to understand a foreign language, while adults usually suffer from the labor of remembering terms. In today’s global society, it is almost inevitable to learn English so that efficiency of learning English is extremely important for all people. Second, I think learning a foreign language requires at least ten years for most students. Indeed, some talented students can master a new language in a few years; yet it is impossible for most students. For example, Japanese students usually start learning English when they enroll in junior high school. However, most Japanese students cannot speak even some easy English when they graduate high school. I think this is not only because the English education in Japan is inefficient but also the students’ learning period is not enough to learn a new language. If the English education would start in elementary school, high school students might be able to speak English well because they were be able to learn English more than ten years. In conclusion, I believe that children should learn English as soon as they start school. First, learning a language is efficient when the children are young. Second, learning a new language needs a long time.

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