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Learning about history

October 16th, 2017

Nowadays, people's sense of value have been diverse, various opinion exist toward the topic statement that learning about the past has no value. As far as I am concerned, I strongly believe that learning about the past is valuable for those of us living in present. I have two reasons. First and foremost, since people are tend to make mistakes, we can prevent having common mistakes by learning the past. Especially in novels, there are many universal mistakes which are definitely useful for us living in the present. For example, in "Genji Monogatari" which is a famous Japanese literature written a thousand years ago, many problems between men and women is written. Indeed, the structure of the society is extremely different from modern society, and the language is different from what we use; yet if you read the book, you would understand that the love affairs which suffer the character are common to us. I think to learn these human's features are quite useful because people are tend to think their problem is unique to themselves, while in truth, it is completely ordinary and almost everyone is suffering from the same kind of problem. Learning about the past will prevent this misunderstandings. Second, I think learning from the past is an unique and fundamental feature of human beings. What developed the human beings is the pile of knowledge which takes extremely long time to be made. For example, chemistry developed by learning about past things. If you have never heard about the concept of atom, you cannot even think about what composes atoms so that you will never understand why Hideki Yukawa, who proposed the theory of meson, received a Novel Prize. Learning about the past makes your view deepen and widen, and it is indispensable for us in order to invent new things. In conclusion, I strongly convinces that learning about the past is very valuable for those of us living in present, for the reasons mentioned. First learning the history will tell you about common mistakes. Second, learning the past knowledge will broaden your views.

In modern society, people’s sense of value has been extremely diverse, and many people have their own favorite way to

October 15th, 2017

In modern society, people's sense of value has been extremely diverse, and many people have their own favorite way to travel. Some people like to travel with a companion, while others like to travel alone. As far as I am concerned, I like to travel with a companion. I will discuss three reasons in this essay. First and foremost, I like to discuss with friends about what I feel. I like listening to music, and I always go to a live house and listen to a live music when I travel. After the live performance, I usually have a conversation with a companion about what we feel and think through listening the music.In most cases, there is significant difference between I and my friend. For example, when I went to Chicago with a friend of mine, we went to a jazz live house. I was strongly moved by the drummer's dynamic play while my companion was most impressed by the vocalist's sensitive voice. I think these discussion interesting, because I can understand what other people concentrate on when they are listening to music. In contrast, when I trip alone, this is impossible, and I want to talk about it. Second, since I am not so good at reading maps, I feel nervous when I trip alone. When I got lost when I was tripping alone in Thailand, I was so upset because I did not know even how to ask the way. I could not understand what other people were saying and I strongly felt that I should not trip by myself. In contrast, I do not become so much panic when I am with a companion. I can calmly think how to go back. This difference of confidence is important in order to have a fine trip. Third, I think making friends in other countries is much more easier when I get out with a companion.I think making foreign friends is one of the most valuable things of having a trip aboard. I always feel shy when I have to talk to other people even when I am in my own country. In contrast, psychological barrier to talk to a stranger will be much lower when I am with a companion. Traveling with a companion is much more efficient way to make friends in foreign countries for me. For these reasons, I prefer to trip with a companion.

The merit of living in traditional house

October 15th, 2017

Some people think that living in a traditional house is better than living in a modern apartment building, while others think the completely opposite, living in a modern apartment building is better than a traditional house. If asked, probably both groups will provide logical reasons to explain their assertions. I personally prefer to live in a traditional house. I have two reasons. First and foremost, living in a traditional house is much comfortable when you are going to rear your children. This is because, in an apartment buildings, you should care children's foot step noise because other family is living under the floor. When I was an infant, I was living in a second floor of the apartment, and my mother always apologized to the man who lived in the first floor because I was always running in the living room. I remember that my mother was quite stressed. In contrast, you do not have to care noise when you live in a traditional house. Since, it is almost impossible to prevent chid's noise, living in a modern apartment building easily makes you nervous. Second, you do not have to be irritated by waiting some elevators when you live in a traditional house. Since most modern apartment buildings are extremely high, it is almost impossible to reach your room without using elevators. Indeed elevators are useful; yet it often irritates me when I am in a hurry, because I have to wait for the elevator for a minute. On the other hand, if you live in a traditional house, you will never be frustrated from elevators. Third, you can design freely your room when you live in a traditional house. For example, I have a dream to live in a house with a fireplace and a chimney. Indeed, you do not need any fireplace to warm your room; yet I long for living in this kind of traditional European designed house. I understand this dream is impossible when I live in an apartment so that I prefer to live in my own house. For these reasons, I prefer to live in a traditional house.

Importance of history and literature

October 11th, 2017

There are probably many people disagree to this topic statement that studying history and literature is important than studying science and mathematics. However, I strongly believe that history and literature is much more essential for students. In this essay, I will give two reasons. First and foremost, learning history and literature is more useful to communicate with others. Especially, the knowledge of your own country's history is indispensable to have conversations with foreigners. For example, when I was a freshman, I was not much interested in Japanese history and did not know anything about it. However, I strongly regretted when I talked with Britain students who came to Japan to study about Japanese culture. In addition, they were also familiar to English history. They explained me about "War of the Roses" and their introduction was very fascinating. I was quite ashamed , and I resolved to study about my own country's history. Now, I can introduce about Japanese history and usually have quite good response from foreigners. In contrast, science and mathematics are difficult to talk about, and rarely these subjects are chosen as a topic of the conversation. Second, since most people forget what they learned in schools, knowledge of science and mathematics easily become no value for their lives. Indeed developing the system of mathematics and science enrich one's view; yet most students cannot reach to the stage of developing the system, and most of them just learn superficially in order to take scores at the test, they will forget almost everything when they will become an adult. It is completely wasting time. In contrast, knowledge of history and literature is useful even though you forgot a couple of information. Considering the fact that students' ability to memorize is not so good as we expect, literature and history is better than science and mathematics. In conclusion, I strongly agree to the topic statement that learning history and literature is important than learning science and mathematics for students.

Aging society

October 11th, 2017

These days, people's life-span is extending, particularly in developed countries. For example, average lifetime of Japanese women is over 88, and this number is still increasing. The reason why this phenomenon is happening is complicating and there are many convincing reasons about this problem, but in this essay, I will discuss three main reasons. First and foremost, since the medical treatments are rapidly increasing, many fatal diseases became treatable diseases. For example, smallpox was a common and serious fatal disease before the vaccine was invented. However, the vaccine of smallpox is widely spread so that no patient is suffering from smallpox nowadays. Invention of antibiotics was also giving a drastic effect to improve human's life-span. Many patients died by bacterium diseases which are now easily treatable by antibiotics. There are tons of invention in medicine, and all of these invention is influencing human's life-span. Second, since the concept of public health became well-known globally, many people understand to keep clean. Keeping clean is not only preventing infections but also improving human's health as the aspect of nutrition. Since having unclean food or water induces diarrhea, and this often become a fatal loss of nutrition. Historically, we can understand how important the concept of public health is. For example, in Medieval Europe, people did not wash their body commonly, and did not dispose of feces, the public health was extremely bad and their life-span was short. Third, the society has become adapting to the total aging. Generally, too much aging is quite risky for the society since elderly people cannot work and usually not able to live alone. However, most developed countries are financially supporting elderly people and they are now able to live after they retired their work. In addition, local society is improving their network to help each other for the elderly people. This makes old people's life comfortable and extending people's life-span For all of these reasons, I think people are now able to live longer and longer.

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