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Schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers. Do you agree or disagree?

October 15th, 2017

In regarding to the evuation of a teacher's performance, some believes it should be eveulated by other teachers, while others think that it should be judged by their students.This is a complex issue. In my opion, I stand on the side that the teacher’s performance should be evaluated by the students. To begin with, the students acutually know how the teacher improve their lecture. They could really notice the shortage of the professor's lecture becuase they are the ones who listen the professor's lecture whole the day.They can reveal the erroress and give some adivice in the evulation,and thererfore, that enable the lecture to be corrected. On the contrary, the otheir teacher know nothing about the lesson given by the teacher so they probably wouldn't give any pratical suggestion to the teachers. It is the students that really understand how to make the lecture improved. In addtion, the teacher is capable of realizing the need of the students via the evalution from the students. Because there is always a gap beteen what the teacher teaches and knowledge the students desire to acquire. The evalution from the students, consequently, can serve as the bridge so the teacher would not lecure about what the students have few interest in. Last but not least, evulation from the students can prevent the teacher from doing some inappropriate behaviors. When browsing the Internat or watching the news on the televisions, there are some teachers shout at students even giving the physical punishment. If the sudents can do the evulation of the teachers’ performance, that will stop this kind of things happen again. Undoubtedly, the teachers have more acknowlege about how to educate students. They have the excellent abiliy that let students aborb plentful knowlege in the short time. The students, nevertheless, understand the lecture the most so their evaluations are able to improve the lecture more.

Grow up in the countryside or in a big city

October 11th, 2017

To choose where to live is a very arduous quetion that many people have confronted with. Some people argue that people who dwell in the country are more satisfied that city people, so the country is still more suitable to living in. In my opinion, I stand side with this statement. To begin with, the environment of country is appealing and fascinating. People can always get the fresh air when doing some outdoor activities. At night, people can lay down on the lawn and even see the stars full of the sky. On the contrary, the pollution in the city is pretty severe that people are often unable to go to the outside.They often wear the mask to prevent breathe the air which is emmited by cars or factories.It is wonderful environment that people who live in contry more satisfied with. In addition, individuals in country tend to be friendly and outgoing.They often bond with the neighborhood tightly,and always give a hand to someone in need.The nice neighborhood is truly contributed to the satisfication of people in country. An example come to me is that I went to my grandpa's house, which is in the remote area, when I studied in the elementary school. I got lost on the road to the grandpa's house. I cried out and sat on the ground; fortunately, there was a predator passed by me and he not only comforted me but also sent me to my grandpa's house. Lastly,living in the contry is more safe than in the contry. Owning to the fact that people live in country are familiar with each other, they will be awared when the stranger comes to the hometown. Through the good security in the country, people in the country are still more grtified than those in the city. Undoubtedly, there are many benefits to living in the city. People could buy the things more conviently, and don't need to worry about the lack of electricity. However, I still think that people in country are able to live more satisfied than those in the urban.

Young people today would like to give more time and energy to improve the world

October 11th, 2017

Every generation of young people has had its champions gor improving living conditions, and making the world around them a better; however , young people today are playing more crucial roles in making greating contribuiton and bringing real evolution to the world.Young people now have the time, the inclination, the meas and the education to help their communities throughout the world. First, young people now are actively getting involved in what goes around them and contribute more to the world because of advances in techbology.When browsing any form of web media or online social networks, it's easy to see how young people have been getting more involved in social causes and exchanging their ideas more freely than in the past.For example, social media such as Facebool has changed how we meet and stay in touch with people by providing a platform to discover people who share the asme interests. And a Twitter search will likely turn up other people talking about the same subject as you.By these new means , it is easier for young people today to gain insight into domestic and international affairs, share their ideas, encourage each other, as well as organize activities and spread their messages to bring about changes in the world. Futhermore, more and more young people today are fighting for environmental and wild animal preservation all over the world.We can see them sarcrificing their time to help protect our environment via media such as Discovery Channel.I once heard about a young woman environmentalist who lived alone on an island in the East Indian Ocean for over five years, conducting her research on the negative impact of environment changes on sea animals and thus calling for immediate action form the goverment.This is fust one example that shows how youth are indeed giving their time and energy to improve the world. I would definitely agree that young people are more involved in making the world a better place now than in the past.Instead of immediately settling down, getting married, or investing their time int the career, many graduates are actively participating in important parts of their society by Internet and devoting a lot of time and energy to social causes lke environmental preservation.

In the past, it is more frequently that people would talk to their neighbor as well as share the thing

October 11th, 2017

In the past, it is more frequently that people would talk to their neighbor as well as share the thing such as home-made food with them.On the other hand, people seldon get in touch with their neighbors in today society. In my opinion,I actually agree that neighbors depend on each other less than people did in the past. To begin with, duo to the convenience of modern technology, individuals are able to acquire what they want without neighbor help. An example comes into me is that I can easy get the food what I want to eat without any question. However, if I lived at the acient time, I should exchange what my pocession with the neighbors' in order to get the thing I eager. It is the improvement of technology that modern people can live still more indepent life without neighbors's help. In addition ,thanks to the security and police officer, we can live more safely. In the past, neighbors play a very crucial role because they can notice wethere there was a stranger. If they find out the thief, they could alarm each other and catch the theif as soon as possible.On the contrary, people nowadys live more peaceful life and are capable to sleeping well at night.And we don't need to worry about the rubbery anymore owing to the help of cameras. Lastly, the relationship of neighbors bonds more tighly in the past as result of limited transportation. People could hardly go out of their hometown, so the support of the neighbors was very important. Nevertheless, the improvement of transportation enable individuals to travel everywhere. Traveling around the whole world is not the dream anymore. Therefore, it is apparently that the role of neighbors become less and less important. Undoubtedly, neighbors could also take care us and help us a lot of thing. But as the time flow away, thier importancy will decrease and people could lead the lives without depending on neghbors.

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