Essays by takashi

Personal communication

April 14th, 2018

Telephones and e-mails have enabled us to communicate without facing directly each other. Those technologies improved and changed the relationship between people because they could not transmit their personal information to others in the far distance in the past. However, I can not agree with the statement completely because another technology, social network service (SNS), have a bigger influence on our communication and had made it less personal. Since social network service provides us with an opportunity to do interactive communication with many people and we can use it anytime we want, its effects on our communication style are bigger than Telephone and e-mails.

New students

April 8th, 2018

Students who move to a new school encounter problems in the unknown environment for them and supports from school are essential to lead a comfortable school life. In my opinion, the school should give an opportunity to do a group assignment about their school’s neighborhood with existing classmates and to introduce not only the new student’s profile but existing students’ one as well. Those are so useful chances to learn to know the different environment and people that new students' problems, such as understanding unfamiliar neighborhoods or making new friends and teachers, will be solved more easily.


April 3rd, 2018

Making a decision is generally responsible. An important decision, such as future career, marriage, or education problems, includes not only the person’s personal responsibility but other persons as well. In my opinion, the statement is absolutely correct because other person’s viewpoints and situations also should be taken into account when a person decides something significant. Making it alone may introduce some risk for the essential problem in the future.


March 10th, 2018

More and more people have pets in recent years. Some people say such an additional member of their family can stimulate their life. Others think that feeding on pet tends to become a burden on their family. In my opinion, a close relationship with pets offers a good opportunity to enhance their life, such as refreshment and enjoyable communications among pets and their family members.


November 11th, 2017

There are many celebrities and a lot of athletes whom people want to meet in life. It would be a very curious event if I got such chance. The person whom I would like to meet is Buffon, one of the most famous and fantastic soccer goalkeepers in the world. The main reason why I choose him is that I’m a goalkeeper, too. I’m longing for meeting him, I would like to train myself with him if I met him, and I would like to ask what he thinks while he is playing as a goalkeeper in games. Buffon is an Italian goalkeeper, and traditionally a goalkeeper is the most significant position in Italy because Italian soccer put weight on not only offense but also defense. Buffon, in this mean, is the best player because of his career in Italian national team. He has been selected as a national team goalkeeper for twenty years. I, as the same positon player, have referenced his amazing saves by watching his plays on the internet. If I could meet him, I would be crazy because of my exciting feeling. Moreover, I’m interested in his training manuals that enable him to response shoots during games. One of the most different points from other goalkeepers in the world is his position technique. He always pays enough attention to the movement of forwards and puts his body in the correct place in front of the goal mouth. I would like to train with him and try to obtain the technique for my play. In addition to this reason, I would also like to know his point of view in games. A goalkeeper, in general, not only saves shoots kicked from the opponent team players but also point out defender’s mistakes and predict the next situation. This requires a lot of concentration. However, he plays those important and challenging roles in games almost completely. I’m interested in his perspectives which provide me with a chance to enhance my skill and brain as a goalkeeper. On the whole, meeting a famous athlete is a dream for most of the people, but if they met such persons, that must make people happy. If I got such chance, I would like to meet Buffon because I have longed for him, and I would like to know his incredible techniques and perspectives.


November 11th, 2017

Various inventions exist in the twentieth century, and some of them change our lives, our values, and our environment completely different from the past. In my opinion, the car is the most important invention that changed our world, because it dramatically changed our transportation systems, our environment, and city landscapes. First of all, the appearance of an automobile enabled people to transport something to anywhere as they want. This changed not only how people commute their office but also the economic system, especially the access and transportation of the resources, products, and people. The rapid development of a car technology allowed even families to possess it and they could travel to wherever they want. This change provided by the vehicle invented in the last century is crucial even now. Second, the impact of cars on our environment is so large that people learned to change their way of thinking of the environment. Cars emit a lot of gases which has a negative influence on our environment. For example, numerous cars in Japan in the1960s emit such gases and particles, and they resulted in the heavy air pollution. People living in the area along with the high ways could not open their house’s window because of the unhealthy airs. This problem was controversial at that time and changed our point of view on the environment. Third, the landscapes in the urban area were changed entirely because of cars. In order to improve the car handling and the safety of drivers, many asphalt roads had been constructed in cities. The construction deprived people of spaces to talk with neighbors on the streets. It eliminated many kinds of green along the streets. Moreover, the main character on the roads changed from people to automobiles. On the whole, the invention of cars in the twentieth century had been not only positive but also negative effects on our world. From my point of view, the changes resulted from it is significant for people because the transportation, the environments, and the city landscapes have been completely changed by the vehicle.


November 9th, 2017

Life in office is dependent on how smart a supervisor is in a company. There are many kinds of books about this topic because many people pay attention to the social interest of what is a good leader in order to enhance work efficiency. In my opinion, a good supervisor has the ability to communicate with his colleagues and other workers very well, to motivate other workers, and to have an objective point of view while working. Those capabilities are essential qualities, I think.


November 8th, 2017

Although the complaint sometimes makes others feel bad, such complaint about a devoided products or services is used to enhance the quality of it. If I had to choose the style, text or oral communication, I would like to complain in person.The reasons for this are that I can easily prepare what I would say, and get an answer quickly compared with text style.


November 8th, 2017

Whereas some people say the generation, a person’s childhood years is essential for his life because the period has a significant influence on the person’s personality, others think more mature age is the main ages for his life because people need to make a big decision in their career. In my opinion, the childhood years is the most significant of a person’s life because in this period the person’s interests, the person’s identity, and the person’s friends in life would appear. First, in the childhood years, it is no denying that a person learns various kinds of new things which affect his interests. Everything he sees, listens to, or eats is new to him, and in most cases, he has learned to understand what is comfortable, what is interesting, and what is tasty. Those experiences are significant for his future because the interests he finds in this period will never change, in general, even if his occasion would alter completely. Despite the increasing interests as he grows up, the foundation is determined in his childhood years. Second, the creation of a person’s identity happens in this generation. Of course, the identity is not enough to complete as one man, but the fundamental character, such as whether they can obtain, or not, a communication skill, an ability to understand other people’s thoughts or respect for others, is created in this period. For instance, young children have many chances to communicate with others in daily life. They talk with friends, ask teachers for help to solve problems, or just say hello to their neighbors. In those situations, they unintentionally train themselves how well they can communicate with others in this period and those experiences result in the improved communication ability. Therefore, taking the identity created in this generation into account, it is fundamental to his life. Third, they can get a lot of friends in this years. Those friends stimulate each other every day, and they get to know others profoundly. In the lifespan, we can indeed make friends, but there is a difficulty in considering the social relationship with such friends, such as their careers, their position in the business, or their gender. However, in the childhoods years, he can make real friends because he does not have to pay unnecessary attention to such factors. On the whole, everyday young children in the generation have more kinds of new experiences that enrich their lives than elderly generations. From my point of view, the childhood years has the most crucial influence on the person’s life because he would find his interests, his identity, and his faithful friends in the period.

Controversy exists when we think about this question in daily life because there are some difficulties in deciding the balance

November 6th, 2017

Controversy exists when we think about this question in daily life because there are some difficulties in deciding the balance between economic growth and saving money. However, I strongly agree with the statement from my experience. People can not avoid desiring something new because people have the desire to be complete something devoided, and they get bored after they are satisfied.

Working vs personal fun time

November 4th, 2017

Some people think that most of the people in my country perform their duty enough because they work hard, pay taxes and make children get an education, all of them are the three primary duty in my country. Others claim that many people spend their time in their leisure, not their duty because we can make much more efforts to eliminate poverty and war in our world. In my opinion, people do enough their duty and also they do not always enjoy too much their personal pleasure because nowadays most of the people enjoy themselves in a little pastime thanks to the smartphone and the internet, and many of them enjoy what they should do in my country.

Items and products

October 1st, 2017

There are mainly two ways for producing things – using hands and using machines. Machine manufacturing is faster and more economical. Even so, I prefer hand-made products because when things are made by hand, each one is unique in its way. Machine-made goods lack this uniqueness.

Making products

October 1st, 2017

This argument has been a very controversial problem since the industrial revolution happened. Both types of making products have advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, items made by hand is favored than those created by a machine because hand-made items are more heartful and humanistic, they fit each person, and they are more valuable in comparison with ones made by machine. To begin with, hand-made products are heartful because we can find some memories or logs behind them. For example, I have a chair made by my grandfather in the past. The chair does not have a dull surface, but there are some fees and fascinating curves that make me willing to sit it down. On the other hand, there are hundreds of thousands of chairs made by machine in everywhere. Although they try to comfort us, products made by hand relieve us, I think. Besides, hand-made products can fit each person’s characteristics. Every person has different features of not only their bodies but also their preference. In a factory, a machine can not make products that are suitable for various orders. Some people do not care about it, but I like to use products fitting for me. Hand-made product realizes my demand. Finally, Hand-made products have a value because of its high-quality and rareness. In general, a hand-made item is the only one that exists in the world. A machine is a thing that enables a human being to provide the same items for everyone. However, it also changes the world more homogeneous, and we can see a lot of goods with cheap quality. The quality of hand-made products is much higher because of the time to create them. On the whole, products around us have a big influence on our lives. I firmly believe that because of the reasons mentioned above, products made by hand are preferable to ones made by machines.

Taking risks

September 28th, 2017

Some successful people in the world more or less have taken some risks. Others pay enough attention to their futuer and plan how to lead their live carefully. In my opinion, in oder to get success in life, taking risks or chances is more important than careful planning because unpredictable futuer can not be planned,and risks or chances sometimes provide us with big rewards. Moreover, if we lose the chances, that would also be good life, I think.

We can listen to music in a lot of places, such as on the streets, in live houses, or in

September 26th, 2017

We can listen to music in a lot of places, such as on the streets, in live houses, or in soccer fields. It was used to unite people in the past hundreds of years. Those things show how important music is for a human being. In my opinion, the reason why they listen to music is that music makes people relax, gives the energy to lead their lives, and sometimes offers a chance to escape from reality. First, music is a good relaxation way for many people. There are various genres of music. Some of them heal people. The rhythm of the music is not so fast that we do not have to be nervous during listening music. Jazz music and classical music, for example, are usually played in many bars and cafes to relax their customers. Because music has such effects on people, they like to listen to music. Second, music is a good driver to work or study for many people. Apart from the healing music stated above, heavy metal music or rocking roll music beats faster and sometimes those singers sing with a loud voice. Those types of music allow listeners to be energized and work harder. Many commuters in Japan listen to such music in the morning to get motivation. They utilize music as an important driver for their work efficiency. Third, music can bring people to dreams from reality. In other words, by listening music personally and closing their eyes, people can leave their reality in front of them. Thanks to the great development of headphones and earphones, people can listen to music with a high quality everywhere. They do not have to pay attention to others while they are listening to rock music in crowded trains. In addition to this, most of such headgears can shut out their surrounding noises. Therefore, people prefer to hear to music when they want to go far away from reality. On the whole, music makes people happy because of the beautiful harmony or heartful rhythm. I think the reason why people listen to music is relaxation, energy, and an opportunity to escape from reality offered by music.

Why do you think people attend college or university?

May 28th, 2007

I think it is not always necessary for many people to attend college or university. But in fact, many people enter uniersity, or intend to enter one. I think that there are three reasons which are to get more carrer opportunity, to earn more salary, and to meet more people.

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