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January 31st, 2018

Everyone's goal is to be successful,and each person has his own way to define success;However,there are also various kinds of ways for people to make it.One may think success comes from courage of tasking risks ,another may think that success comes from consideration of making plans ,and the other could consider that success comes from intelligence of doing things,etc. In my opinion,success comes from nothing but impatience.For one thing,we all have to be patient to wait for opportunity.Success comes from doing things at right time in right way;however,if you do things in a correct way but not at appropriate time , you still may fail.Before chance for us to being successful,we need to be patient and to keep refining our ability. Second,when the opportunity finally comes,sometimes things don't go well,we may fail at first.Then,we shouldn't give up if we want to be successful.We still need patience to help us make through this bad times. Patience remind us not only to keep fighting but also to keep waiting until another chance come.For instance, Edison,the intelligent inventor,had failed countless time before he eventually invented light bulb.If he had had no patience to keep his working how could we have that small but important light bulb to enlighten our horrible night. Last but not least,after you find you are going to be successful and close to success step by step,you should hold your patience keep working harder and harder .Too many examples of failure happened because of our starting to relax before being successful.The man who is real successful is the one who fight until the end .There is only success or failure,before reaching the goal,be patient. To sum up,patience is the necessary factor to be successful.Without patience,success will never come.

Universities should hire experts

September 7th, 2017

Some people believe that Universities should hire experts to make important decisions for school. In my opinion, students are the most important part of people in schools, so they should take part in making decisions about the issues that affect everyone on campus. To illustrate my point of view, I list several reasons as follows.

Causes of Juvenile Crime and Solutions

January 19th, 2015

Nowadays, people pay more attention on the development of the juvenile, especially the juvenile crime. There are two main reasons result in juvenile crime, such as bad influence from the electrical equipment and comparison psychology. According to causes of juvenile crime, several solutions are found.

if you have enough money to purchase either a house or a bus

August 3rd, 2010

If I have enough money to buy either a house or a business, I would buy a business, because I have already got my lovely houses in Enland and in Korea. So I don't think I need more houses and I think it's waste of money buying more houses.

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