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Sports and social activities should be regarded as equal importance

July 24th, 2017

Imagine you attend a job interview. Your knowledge is of wide range but you have some difficulties to talk to others because you do not know how to explain your work explicitly to others. Or you get a rejection for your poor health condition and past experience has occur to you that you always sit in the classroom without getting enough exercise. Or you have the ability to accomplish a complex task but when someting wrong comes to you, you just cannot stand it. These occasions are very common in someone's life. Does knowledge from the classes provides a solution to these problems? Therefore, sports and social activities should be put equal importance as classes. Classes are able to provide knowledge. However, knowledge does not have the capability to bring you good health. By doing some sports such as running, playing basketball, your body will be in good status and you will feel energetic every day. A stronger body lay the foundation of efficiency of work. Not only physical health but also mental wellness is important. Talking to others, sharing happiness and personal experience can relieve pressure of a person, which these moments are very common in social activities. Health is what classes cannot provide directly but can be realized by sports and social activities. Having laid the foundation, development comes. Communication is everyone's need. Sometimes, when we take part in a project, we need to elaborate a complicated idea. The ability to articulate one thing does not come from nowhere and it should be trained. Both sports and social activities give the opportunity of trainning. For example, during a basketball match, the player need to appear in right place at the right moments, which is based on mutual communication between team members. Such experience may hardly provided by classes. So sports and social activities can develop one's ability to fulfill job. Also, when doing our job, we may suffer a setback. Perseverance is the gift for us to achive our goal and it comes from learning. We will face various problems in sports or social activities. By solving these difficulties, our confidence will increase, leading to a positive attitude towards adversity. In summary, classes cannot provide anything we needed in life. Sports and social activities are also crucial, and therefore equal financial support should be put on these activities.

The reason of going to college

July 23rd, 2017

When I was a child, I usually dreamed about going to college. People around me always told me to study hard in order to get into the best universities. At that time, I didn't know why I had to go to college. However, as I grow up, I have come to know the motivation of entering college. Of course, learning knowledge is the first aim of going to college. As for myself, I want to be a professor in the college and I love mathematics very much. So I want to know more about what is the purpose of mathematics and what does it really care. I believe many people are just like me and they want to know about the field which they are interested. Therefore, college provides the opportunity to go in further of the region people concern about. Besides learning knowledge, meeting different people is also an important purpose. In specific, we have the chance to meet people which share the same interests with us. For instance, I have met someone who is also fond of math and we have talked a lot of interesting things about it. Also, I like watching stars in the evening so I joined an astronomy club. We have a lot of fun going outside to enjoy the Milky Way, talking about the mystery of universe, and sharing happiness we have in life. These experiences are easily found in college and they will broaden a person's horizon. As a consequence of meeting various people, I have become an outgoing person. In fact, before I go to college, I am really a shy person who is afraid of talking to others. But these pleasant activities have helped me out of my shyness. I have never think about I could become expansive although this is my dream before college. So going to college can perfect our character. To become a better person is the goal which are not clearly realized but we may achieve at the end of our college.

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