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Why I prefer restaurant instead of home

July 24th, 2017

Food is an important part of our lives. We can't live without taking foods regularly. There are several places where you can eat foods like at restaurants or at home. Some people prefer to eat food at home whereas others like to eat at outside of the home. In my view, taking foods at a food stand or restaurant for two important reasons. First, you will get a wide variety of foods in a restaurant. The owner of a restaurant always try to attract its customer by preparing diferent types of food. For example, they prepare different types of items for breakfast like noodles, sand withch, burger, fruit juice, desserts etc. Also sometime they prepare more variation in a single food item, like you may get vegitable burger, beef burger, chicken burger, cheese burger and so on. You may feel boring to eat beef burger everyday, so, you can choice other types of burger next day at the same location without doing any extrea work. As we can see, you will get various types of food at a restaurant or a food stands instead of home. Second, foods are always availabe at a restaurant. Since, the chef of a restaurant prepare his/her items for commercial purposes, therefore, they make their items always availabe. Whenever you go to a restaurant you will get any types food. For instance, there is a pasty shop beside my home. That pasty shop is too much popular in my town because they open for 24-hours and their egg-cake is too much delicious. One day, I returned home at mid-night and I found that there was no food in my home for my dinner. I was scared and tensed. Then I went to the pasty shop and saw they were open. Then I took my dinner from there. Later, I did not suffer for dinner if I return my home lately due to that small restaurant. I also see that some people come to the restaurant very morning for breakfast before they are starting their jogging in the street. This experience teaches me that food is always availbe. In sum, due to not only the variety of foods but also the availability of foods, I prefer to eat at the food stands or restaurants than at home. A restaurant will give you foods of different taste which you will get whenever you wish. That's why, we should take foods from food stands or restaurants.

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