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July 23rd, 2017

Today a lot of advertisements are designed to be attractive, even if they are exaggerated or attached false facts on them. I agree that there are so many misleading advertisements in the world, though it might be difficult to set a border between unscrupulous exaggerations and astute buzzwords. One major kind of unethical advertisement is distorting the shape of figures, such as bar graphs and pie charts. It is well known that visual appearence is vital in most media. At the same time, however, visual information can easily deceive people, especially by enlarged characters or misleading graphs. For example, it is easy to change the area of one particular group in a pie chart by moving the center of the graph, but most people recognize that by its area rather than its angle, so it can change human’s perception. Besides, buzzwords also have the potential of deceiving people. One of the well-known example of unethical advertisement is governmental propaganda: it conveys only bright side of a country while their dark side is ignored. Hiding shortages would deprive people of the opportunity to consider the bad points of an idea. This stratagem is ingrained and we can find biased descriptions everywhere even in the 21st century. In conclusion, I agree that large number of products are being sold with misleading graphics and arbitrary descriptions, no matter how prestigious the producers are. However, even if we made a law banning unscrupulous advertisements, producers would invent a new way to make unethical advertisements which do not break the new rules. Ultimately, it might be impossible to stop them.

Family Education

July 23rd, 2017

Recently, the form of families are transforming into smaller extent. In my opinion, this derives from modern rapid urbanization and it can expand the economic difference between metropolitan and hinterland more. In the past, relatively larger number of people lived in rural areas, compared to the current situation of people moving to urban area. At the time, a lot of people were working on agriculture or fishery, which needed multiple workers living nearby a workplace. Hence it was likely for those residents to live with a family and their relationship was closer than today because they needed to work together. However, great number of young people are immigrating to cities today, since it has become easier to move thanks to the newly developed transportation and it pays much more in cities than rural areas. Despite they can earn more in urban, the living cost in those areas is extremely higher, so that allows only a part of family can live there and they have to live separately. One possible incident arising from family separation is concentration of labor power leading to destruction of isolated areas. After large number of youths moving to metropolitan areas, it would become harder to gather the labor power for traditional agriculture and fishery. This would disable members of a family left in a rural area, who are mainly elderly people, to continue their own business. That would cause small villages collapsing and being totally out of order. In conclusion, relationships in each families are becoming less close because of urbanization, and it would lead hinterlands collapsed and abandoned through weakened their economy.

Alternative medicine

July 23rd, 2017

Recently, some people shift from taking medicines to trying other ways in order to prevent disease or to relieve from sickness faster. In my opinion, we should be suspicious about the new ways until it is rigorously secured safe and effective scientifically. One of the good points of introducing the new ways of health keeping instead of having medicine is that those ways tend to have less side effects than medicines. There are a lot of incidents that are caused by medicine, and some of them are lethal. We need not worry about side effects if the new way is without chemicals. Furthermore, we can gain more knowledge about those new ways through using in practice. Had it been banned to use alternative ways, it would be much slower to develop novel approaches to prevent diseases. On the other hand, these methods are not often proved that it works effectively without any malfunctions. These days, a lot of productions are sold with the buzzword which shows off the fake salubriousness. I suggest that those productions be indicted for misleading advertisement. Besides, there are some ways that are not confirmed to be safe. I strongly oppose that companies sell those products for humans without thorough experiments to check their safety, with or without using animals. In conclusion, the alternative forms have the strong points which traditional medicines do not have, and they will be more and more secure by us using them. However, we cannot make sure that those products are not fake or harmful, so we should be apprehensive to introduce such ways for now.

Foreign Aid

July 23rd, 2017

Over a century, human beings, especially in developed countries, have caused disastrous environmental problems in the World. Nowadays it is recognized as the issue that needs to be prevented in the future. Among various kind of environmental problems, global warming is regarded as one of the most critical issue. One possible way to weaken the damage of global warming is to reduce human’s activities which lead to emit the substances that accelerate global warming. For instance, most cars work on burning gasoline, and CO2 is generated in this process, where CO2 is publicly recognized as the greatest cause of global warming. We can reduce the emission of CO2 if we refrain from riding a car so often. However, making restrictions against using vehicles and machines surely impedes economic growth, so we should not apply such rules without thorough consideration, particularly in developing countries. On the other hand, cutting edge technology may help to mitigate the effect of those chemicals harmful to the earth. For example, researchers can try to invent the way of artificial photosynthesis. Plants are naturally reducing CO2 by the method, but plants are decreasing worldwide because of deforestation. It might be possible to replace this function of plants with artificial one. To the better, this can be applicable whether in developed countries or not, especially if the procedure can be done with low cost. In my opinion, to tackle with global warming, we should prepare both short-term strategies and long-term strategies. The problem itself is universal, but the way one country can choose might be different from the way other countries can. Therefore, we should prepare the effective ways of preventing global warming in different scales or different methods.

These days, it is often said that universities should focus more on practicability in jobs after graduation, that was not

July 23rd, 2017

These days, it is often said that universities should focus more on practicability in jobs after graduation, that was not regarded so importantly before. Originally, universities were mainly focusing on researches which need long term views, rather than the skills which are directly connected to work for graduates. However, people’s demand for higher education are shifting from the fundamental to the practical recently. Speaking of what universities have been aiming at for a long period, it is economically very hard for companies to examine basic theories or concepts of nature, society and arts. On the other hand, universities are designed to be disentangling those issues, so it becomes easier for people to tackle a very fundamental task thanks to those institutes. Consequently, these fundamental discoveries could improve our life through advanced theories and real-life applications derived from them. Nevertheless, public opinion are shifting to the idea that we should transform university education into vocational training. This idea also make sense inasmuch as the growth of cutting-edge science technology is decelerating and it is required so much more energy and more human power to dig up a novel invention directly affecting our real life. However, teaching daily life skills such as computer usage and foreign languages focusing on business are surely able to help students in working at a company. Also, it does not require so much cost to have such courses. In my opinion, universities should still focus on researching basics, since they are the only place that can do such researches now, and most of them have good amount of knowledge that is essential for long-term view. At the same time, I suggest making vocational training schools, in which students can learn useful skills for their jobs in a short period with low tuition fee.

Fewer schools are requiring children to learn and improve their hand writing skills

July 23rd, 2017

Recently, the investment of governments to arts is often criticized by some citizens because they do not benefit directly on people’s life. However, I would like to state clearly that those investment can improve the citizen’s life in a long-term of view, and the budget of arts should not be cut down. One reason we should secure the money for arts, including music and literature, is that those can show us the culture symbolically. For instance, historical sculpture or picture can describe the lifestyle of ancient people with few artifacts. Through those description, we can refer the life of people in old-time for deciding own choices. Also, we can learn what we should do and what we should not from the past. These facts also implies that it is the government that needs to protect arts, as a part of education system. Furthermore, we can directly get relaxed through arts. It is obvious that most people can get relieved by watching beautiful pictures or reading good stories. It is not only public services but also the arts which can move people’s mind that can improve the citizen’s quality of life. It may be difficult to maintain those effects by governments, but I suggest that they hold art competitions and help talented artisans economically. Therefore, governments should not convert the budget for arts into for public services or infrastructures, but rather focus on stories, pictures or theaters for citizen’s better life, especially for their mind. Also, governments should realize their identity through their cultural arts.

What are the disadvantages of knocking down old buildings

July 23rd, 2017

Recently, it is regarded as a controversial problem whether humans should exploit resources originated in animals or not. One opinion is that we should treat animals as the same as humans and should not make use of them just for human’s happiness. The other opinion is we have to use animal resources in order to improve our life quality. The first opinion focuses on ethics: we should not kill other live beings just for ourselves. This idea makes sense in the area of wildlife conservation. The increased number of endangered species is mainly due to people’s activity. Nowadays, for example, the number of pandas is maintained by giving them nearly the same right as humans. However, when it comes to economy, treating animals in such a way is often impractical. The second opinion is more pragmatical. We are currently using animals for important parts, such as foods and researches. We could hardly survive without consuming animals for food, and it would take much more time to assure the effect and the risk of new medicines without using animals for experiments. In my opinion, we should rely on using animals for the improvement of our lives. It is inevitable to harm other animals to survive even in wildlife. Abandoning the exploitation of animal resources, we would have to suffer the compensation by ourselves. Besides, it is biased to claim only animals’ right, especially that of mammals. In conclusion, I suggest that we make the best use of animal resources for improving our quality of life, but at the same time we should focus on the efficiency and avoid over-killing animals for egotistical reasons.

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