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Young or old

July 23rd, 2017

Throughout our lives, we enjoy our lives depending on the situation. Younger people enjoy their life in their way, and older people enjoy their life in their way. In this setting, the question hand is that which people can enjoy life more. In my view, young people can enjoy life more with less responsibly and stronger sensitivity to things. First of all, younger people have less responsibility for family or company so that they can take more risk. For example, I changed my job eight years ago. After graduated from university, I got a job at Goldman Sachs because of its high salary. However, at that time I wasn’t happy because the job didn’t suit me. So I decided to change my job. Now, as an account executive at Dentsu, which is the largest and most prestigious ad agency in Japan, I provide marketing solution for our clients. It’s my dream job, which I can really enjoy. The reason why I took a risk is that I was young and had less responsibility then. Now, I have family to support, so it’s difficult for me to decide to change my job to other industry. As this example shows, with less responsibility young people are more likely to try what they really want and enjoy life more. In addition, young people have stronger sensitivity to things, so they can enjoy things more even if they do the same things old people do. When I was in elementary school, I went to Singapore with my family for sightseeing. I really enjoyed my first trip abroad. Every thing like its tropical weather, ethnic food, and english speaking people were very exciting for me. I visited Singapore again with my friends last year. Singapore had developed since my first visit. Especially, Marina Bay Sans, which was famous for its roof top pool, was awesome! Also, in my second visit, as an adult I could afford to try a fancy restaurant I couldn’t try before. That was awesome too. However, I felt more excitement at my first visit. This is because I was more sensitive to those things. It is true that older people know more about how to enjoy and are more likely to afford various things but young people’s sensitivities to things outweigh them. In summary, I agree with the statement "Young people enjoy life more then other people do.” Young people can try things with fewer burdens with stronger sensitivity.

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