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Live in the city or the countryside

July 24th, 2017

Nowadays urbanization is accelerating, and more and more people are living in the city. In this situation, should we live in the city or the countryside to be successful in life? In my opinion, it is imperative for children to live in the city to live a successful life. First and foremost, living in the city provide a lot of opportunities to learn. Needless to say, education is vital to our success. There is a wide variety public or private school in the city, among which we can choose one that suits us best. Fortunately, since I lived in Tokyo metropolitan area, I was able to choose a high school that provided high-quality education. Teachers had excellent skills to teach subjects in a way that I was able to understand easily, and brilliant classmates inspired me. As a result, I successfully entered the University of Tokyo, which is one of the prestigious university in Japan. This example evidently portrays how living in the city have positive effects on our education. Moreover, living in the city offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities such as music, art, and sports. We can develop our skills in such activities, which could lead us to a successful life. For instance, one of my friend, Kazu, has been active as a professional baseball player, I think this is because he also lived in Tokyo. When he was a child, he belonged to the prestigious baseball team that produced many professional baseball players than any other teams. It is true that he have some talent in baseball, but he would not succeed if his environment had not supported him. Therefore, there is no doubt that by living in the city, we are more likely to be able to develop our skills that are needed for our success. In conclusion, in order to be successful in life, it is better to live in the city than in the countryside. Living in the city provides not only many opportunities for education but also a wide variety of extracurricular activities which are vital to our success.

Art in school

July 23rd, 2017

In today’s society, art, music, and drama play an important role in people’s lives. In this setting, the question at hand is whether art, music, and drama should be taught in kid’s basic education. In my opinion, they should, because they nurture children’s creativity and imagination, and encourage children to communicate with people who live in different countries and cultures. First and foremost, by leaning art, music, and drama, children can develop their creative way of thinking and their imagination, which become more and more important for people to succeed in today’s world. Needless to say, Apple Inc. is one of the most successful and influential companies in the world and one of the reasons of this success is the beautiful design of its product such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It is said that Steve Jobs introduced the beautiful fond and style for his products affected by what he learned in the calligraphy class at college. As the world is becoming more affluent, people are becoming interested in things that appeal to their emotion instead of just pursing functions. Therefore, strengthening your creativity and imagination by learning art, music, and drama is becoming more and more important. Furthermore, art, music and drama can be a basis for communicating with people in other cultures and countries. Mr. Maezawa, who is the CEO of Star Today Inc., which runs Zozotown, one of the largest fashion e-commerce site in Japan recently purchased a painting of Basquiat for more than 60 billion dollars! Hearing the news, Leonard DiCaprio invited the CEO to his home to talk about Basquiat’s paintings. Although the movie star in the US and the CEO in Japan seem to have few things in common except for the fact that they both like Basquiat’s painting, they were able to get along with each other though the art. This is admittedly extreme example, but I believe that art is the basis for the communication among different cultures and countries. If you like a work of a artist, you can easily get along with someone who also likes the artist’s work. In conclusion, I strongly believe that art, music, and drama should be taught in every children’s basic education. Not only does this nurture children’s creativities and imagination, but also enable them to communicate with people in other cultures and countries.

Needless to say, money is very important. Any little thing you need to do requires a certain amount of money.

July 23rd, 2017

Needless to say, money is very important. Any little thing you need to do requires a certain amount of money. If you don’t use it correctly and wisely, you won’t save any of it and have a hard time in the future. In this setting, the question at hand is where we should be allowed to manage our own money at a young age or not. I believe we should. If we lean how to use and save money at a early stage, we can prevent our failure when we become adults. I learned the importance of money in my childhood by managing my money. When I was in elementary school, my parents gave me a certain amount of money every month and they allowed me to manage my money. That mean I was able to decide what to buy and when to buy for my self. At that time, s soon as I was given money, I went to a supermarket nearby my house and bought some cookies and candies as many as possible, so I didn’t have any savings. I got to a problem soon. When Nintendo released their new game console, I was unable to buy it. I asked my parents to buy me it, but they didn’t and told me that I should have saved the money. I learned how to use money in a planned manner though such failures. Now, as a adult, I am able to have my home and my car. This is because I leaned the importance of how to use money correctly in my childhood. Some might say that it is not too late to learn how to manage money when you become adult. However, I think it’s too late. Because, unlike children, we adult have various responsibilities. We have responsibilities at work. We have responsibility to our family. What if we cause the company a serious loss by buying unnecessary things? What if the family members have no house to live in because of wasting money? Adults face more serious trouble if they fail than children do. Since money is very important, it has big impact on our lives. Therefore we should learn to manage our money at our early stage when we have less responsibility and thus we have less damage when we fail.

Is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it or is it better to save your money for some time in the future?

July 23rd, 2017

New technologies have changed our way of life dramatically. In this situation, are our traditional skills being removed and forgotten? I believe they aren’t. Our skills coexist with advanced technologies and even support their development. Photographic technology enable us to depict real things precisely and instantly. Besides, computer graphic technologies make it possible for us to imaginable things easily. Even in this situation, we have not stopped painting a picture. Taking oil painting class as a hobby. I have learned a lot of traditional skills of painting including how to use brush and how to use shadow effects. Those traditional skills have surely inherited from person to person. Moreover, we go to art museums to see paintings drew by human painters. Pictures by famous painters are traded among people for high prices. We humans are not just pursuing efficiency or convenience. People enjoy making things by their hands even if it isn’t convenient. And people want hand made things in order to feel warmth in those things even if they are expensive. Such handcraft skills will never be removed even with further development of technologies. Moreover, traditional skills contribute to the development of technology. That means that traditional skills continue to live in advanced technologies. You might have heard the news that Google's AlphaGo, which is an artificial intelligence program to play the board game Go, beaten a professional Go player a few years ago. This example might give you an impression that our traditional skills are being removed. However, AlphaGo learned a lot of data of the games where human Go players actually played though its process of development. In other words, traditional skills of how to play Go have not been removed but still live in the computer program. Even if human doesn’t use the skill directly, the skills will coexist with the technology in the future. In conclusion, it is true that with the development of advanced technology, our lives have changed dramatically. However, our traditional skills have not been removed or forgotten. We enjoy those skills, which will coexist with new technologies.

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