Essays by Satoshi

Travel alone

April 8th, 2017

I personally prefer to go to travel alone. It is true that traveling with someone that you get along well with often makes your journey fun because you can always have some conversations with your companies, but traveling without your friends truly develops your independence from others and strengthens your mind.

Children should start to learn foreign languages early

April 8th, 2017

Although many people would disagree with the idea, I would agree with that children should start to learn foreign languages in their early stages. The main reason is that normally speaking, the sooner children begin to study foreign languages, the sooner they will become fluent in the languages. In addition, taking relatively less time in mastering foreign languages in their early stages enables them to spend doing other things after their maturity by taking advantage of being bilinguals.

I basically disagree with the idea that it would be rather beneficial to raise up children in the countryside than

February 28th, 2017

I basically disagree with the idea that it would be rather beneficial to raise up children in the countryside than in a big city. That can be explained with mainly two reasons.

my choice about school

February 19th, 2017

I basically prefer to be studying at traditional school. I know that the advent of the Internet and technology have made our lives incredibly convenient so that you don’t have to go to school in order just to study. But I think studying at traditional form of school still gives you some benefits. That can be explained by main two reasons. First of all, you can have a lot of chances to interact with other students. the School is not just a place where you only concentrate on mastering academic subjects but also the platform that normally gives you a bunch of opportunities to socialize yourself. Making bonds with other people is normally critical to students because the society itself that you are supposed to enter after your graduation fully consists of such relationships with others. Secondly, it is true that the more developed the Internet and technology become, the less necessary going to school is in terms of studying itself because you can easily have accesses to talk with others who have expertises when you find something unknown to you. However, there may be something that you cannot experience at home. For instance, at the traditional school, you can develop skills of organizing events or collaborating with your fellow students. Pushing up those abilities higher is also indispensable for your life if thinking of doing it later on. In conclusion, I can say that there are certainly benefits that you can take if you go to school such as the skills of making connections with others or collaborating with them so that even if you can get some advantages by studying at home relying on the development of technology, I would rather go to school in order to train something more important for me.

Satoshi’s experience

February 18th, 2017

I basically agree with this idea looking back on my personal experiences that I had in my lifetime. There seem to be two main reasons for this statement. I personally have gone through a hard time when I was in university. At that time, one of my friends was working for a president for a company that normally produced a map for those who with wheelchairs. I found that experience interesting because I thought that it would be a great chance to know what the person who run their own company in arranging their own business because I would like to build up my own enterprise in the future at that moment. Afterward, I started working as an intern and I basically did work-in sales to hospitals in order to get a contract to get as many sponsors as possible. Several days after my launch of that project, I was incredibly scolded by the president because of my mistake. I thought that it was not my mistake but the president’s because I did not want to face the harsh reality that I actually made a mistake. However, I was keenly aware that that was my blunder after my friend told me how I took that action meticulously. To be honest, when I did it, I wanted to avoid looking at my fiasco but I learned to make myself turn to my mind and face the reality. From that point, I can say that my determination to look at mistakes carefully and figure out the cause of it, which is basically what people don’t want to do because no one would like to face severe reality, made me learn to give me something critical to my life and hot to deal with my mistake.

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