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Employment for teenager

April 8th, 2017

In the university, both professors and parent's encourage students to participate in internship in order to practice what they've learned in a practical way. However I disagree with the idea of teenagers to get a job for some reasons. Since this period of ages is in a different situation from university student, they should have different life goal as well.


April 4th, 2017

At the moment we walk into a new company, the first greeting we get is mostly from a colleague sitting beside us. Unlike other staff in the workforce, our co-workers are the most intimate people during our whole career. In my opinion, I wish I can have a colleague with following characteristics which will allows me to enjoy the time in work.

Life span

April 4th, 2017

Reviewing among the human history, our species incredibly changed hundreds times faster than other creatures in our ecology. One of the most important one is our life span. Since people used to call a 60 years old person as longevity, we consider 65 years old as the standard of old age nowadays. I believe there are several reasons to explain the phenomenon.

Roads and public transportation

April 1st, 2017

Both roads and public transportation are important for a country's development. Roads and highways can offer a great capacity of car commuters while trains and buses can thrive a city with local transportation. If our government have to choose one of them in a limited budget, I think invest all money in improving public transportation would be a wiser choice.


March 30th, 2017

After leaving the campus, we start to have more vertical relationships between others comparing to parallel one like classmates or co- workers. Which means somebody will be in a superior position than the others. In my opinion, being a good supervisor need to contain several features in order to win respect from his subordinates then keep everything on the trail.

Different ways of study

March 30th, 2017

Different people have different way to study. In this fast changing generation, it is important to find a most efficient method to catch up with the explosive extension of information. Though most student grown up in the environment full of teachers, I prefer to study by myself for some following reasons. First, study without a teacher means there is no speculation, which many people rely on to keep their focus on learning. In another words, study by myself can train me on self-disciplinary. I can accelerate the learning process when I am in good condition or slow it down when I can't absorb information in time. If the discipline continue functioning, it will keep the efficiency of study in the best rate. Second, I can totally absorb in my favorite part without spending too much time on subject I don't like at all. No one is going to enforce me to study art as long as I can develop a more advance knowledge in engineering field. Although some people think the biggest defection of self-learning is that student may not discover some problems since there is no experiential inherit, I believe that a student can overcome this challenge while they can spent their highest efficient time in the subject they are really interest in. Sometimes study with a unfitted teacher may come into a worse result. In conclusion, I definitely prefer to study by myself in many subjects. Except some specific situation, learning on my own can not only help me absorb knowledge quicker, but also deeper and funnier.

TOEFL topic 16

March 26th, 2017

I will definitely support the plan about the opening of new restaurant in my neighborhood. Although it will not be the first restaurant in this area, I am still excited about it's coming no matter the food is good or not. To elucidate my opinion, there are three main reasons. First, building a new restaurant can make my choices of dinner more various. One of the original motivations to move in this neighborhood is the variety of restaurants. However, after living in the same place for about ten years, I started to feel weary about food I can find near my house. If there is a chance to update my list of eating places, I will rise my both hand to support the plan. Second, most people living in my neighbor have nice financial conditions, which means the competitiveness of stores in this area is intense and make a quality guarantee for those survivors. If the new restaurant's keeper decided to choose this place to build, I can prospect that it may not be terrible. Otherwise, there is no reason not to support the chance to have a nice place to eat in my neighborhood. Although some people think too much restaurants in an area may cause noises if some of them become over popular. I don't think it is going to be a problem. In fact, I am glad that my neighborhood can become more bustling and it may stimulate more business events or social activities take place. In conclusion, I worry nothing about the coming of the new restaurant. Since I believe it is hard to taste bad by my experience, I am welcome for this new member of my neighborhood.

practice 15

March 26th, 2017

We all know that human are prone to live in groups. Although few of us dislike interacting with others, having a good social community is a dream for most of us. In my opinions, a good neighbor should include some specific features. First, saying hello is the best beginning of a relationship between my neighbors and me. If I can receive a sound of greeting with a big smile from people living in next door every morning. It will really make my day and brings me energy to start the subsequence job. Second, a nice neighbor should always remember that he is living with a group of people in a same community and shell always tries not to make others inconvenient. For example, I always do a good recycling of garbage in order to keep the environment clean even though I was exhausted that day. Hence, I wish both me and my neighbors can do similar thing to keep our community in a nice condition. Finally, I think the participation of community works is also important. If I hold a party or want to discuss a community problem in our neighborhood, I like to see everyone in this area can join me since we are all relevant. A neighbor who doesn't like to interact with other will not only easily be hated, but also hard to update his community information. In conclusion, a good neighbor of mine should be affable, cooperative and active. These features are also goals for me to achieve. I believe that if I can be a good neighbor in most the other's view, I can make some influence to help the community become better. I can't decide whether my neighbor wants to be good or bad, but I can be a good one for others and affect them to be my side.

topic 14 pratice

March 4th, 2017

Entering university is a brand new step for every student in their life. Every things includes the difficulty of courses, types of each classes' assignments and the price of tuition are totally different from high school and other study periods. So people should have a different way to regulate students' attendance as well. Although let student to select going to classes or not seems to be a trouble, it has its own benefits. First, let student make their choice of going to classes or not can train their ability of time arrangement. Since students become adult at the time, they should start to identify what is important and what isn't in their life. If a student cannot realize the importance of attending to classes, he may not able to survive after leaving the campus. Second, sometimes student can skip some boring lecture or required courses which they do not really like. If student can make a good use of these times and drill in the area which he always like to, it will help them develop their skills in a more efficient way. However, some people think that if universities do not regulate the attendance of student, they may waste their time and money on hanging out for fun. In my opinion, it is an unnecessary worry. While university is the final step for most people before they find an official job, it is also a final chance for student to learn how to response their life. If they can't finish the task, staying in the classroom is actually the waste of time and money. In conclusion, stop regulating student from obligated attendance may seems weird compared with rules we used in last fifteen years in campus. On the other hand, those diligent students can learn more in a same time.

Difference of dinning culture

March 3rd, 2017

There are a huge difference of dinning culture between different contries. People in some contries prefer to eat out often, while some of the other use their kitchen more frequently. In my country and in my habit, I would like to eat at home instead of in restaurants for reasons.

CYLin practice01

February 28th, 2017

What makes humanbeings difference from ther creatures, is concciousness. Concciousness was built up with intelegence, memories, and experiences. The way a person act, live, and think is never deviated from these three functions. Since a person's childhood had been prooved being significant for these three functions, I have no doubt o the importance of a persons early years. The most obvious observation about the conclusion is my own experiences. I could never forget the book which my parent bought me as my ten year old birthday present. The book I read for more then ten times so far brought me the view point about live, the value of faith, and the optimism about destiny. Being a person regarded as desisiveness and prospective by my friend, I could proudly said that the book was one of the main assistance to make who I am. Like what wrotted in the book, obtaining these invisible gifts in my early years may be the "Maktube".

CYLIN practice 12

February 26th, 2017

Some people think museums are one kind of the most mysterious places in a city for civilians. Many stories, inspirations and urban legend was born in these buildings full of sculpture and illegible paintings. If ask "why people keep visiting museums", I can tell plenty of reasons to explain the charm of them. The most common reason, is the sufficient content of knowledge. From stone age history to contemporary hidden truth and from forest animals to desolated landscapes, hundreds kind s of different museums contain millions of human's wisdom. Sometimes people walking in the museum can learn things that would never be thought by school. How could young students specific imagine the life of dinosaurs? How could rookie artist feel the spiritual impact of masterpieces? The answers are all in museums. On the other hand, some people don't visit museum with such serious motivation. They visit the temple of knowledge for it quietness. Living in the urban area, it is not always easy to find a silence place to enjoy your holidays. When the time comes to crowded in other places at rush hour, visiting museum become a good choice to hang out with friends. Though some people think visiting museum is a waste of time and both motivation beneath could be fulfill in better places like library and cafe, they still can't ignore the third reason-social activities. There are dozens of people visit museum without the thirst of knowledge or quiet holiday. The regard the museum as another scenic spot. Years ago, I keep the same feeling when I visited American Museum of Natural History and enjoyed the fun. In conclusion, people visit museum in so many different motivations. Whether they are serious or leisured, the gate of human cultural accumulation will keep open to everyone.

CYLing Practice 11

February 26th, 2017

Nowadays, society become more diversity than ever before. Soaking in test book was no longer the only option for student to pave their way to success. As the main supporter of student study, University should encourage them to participating extracurricular aprts activities. Not only to foster young athletes, I highly agree with the topic for some following reasons. After entering the university, it is obvious that not every student is good at academic study. Instead, some of them own a better talent on sports activities. If the university refuse to offer enough money on supporting them to develop their abilities, it would be a great pity for both student and society. Young athlete lost chances to join in a greater stage, while all human being lost several shining star on the field. Beside, supporting spot activities do not only benefit student who are already good at sport, but also help other students develop their social skills. For example, group sports like soccer or volleyball force students to cooperate with others while independent sport like tennis and badminton teach them how to deal with stress and lonely. Abilities the students obtained from sport activities have same importance as skills learned from course works. There are no reason an university refusing to offer same amount of money to sports as they give to their university. However, some may keeps an opposite view that university should keep focusing on academic research since it was the original goal when people established the education system. Although the opinion may seem reasonable, it is hard to ignore the increasing amount of sport popularity. While off-campus study became more and more common in recent years, library gradually lose more importance than basketball court instead. In conclusion, I am totally support that university should offer equal money on supporting both sport activities and academic facilities. It seems that study for exam will continue being students' main purpose in campus, for years, but the racket may share the same reputation as test book some day before long.

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