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truth telling

November 9th, 2016

There are certain considerations or factors that everyone takes into account in a relationship. People may look for honesty, altruism, understating, loyalty, being thoughful etc! Everyone would more or less wish that the person he is dealing with, has some of these virtues above. Putting them in an order according to their importance, however can be subjective and relative.

city apartment

November 9th, 2016

People live in different places, some live in suburbs, while other live in cities. Moreover, in different places there are different buildings where people choose to live, for example in suburbs traditional houses are more common, while in cities modern apartments are. Basically the choice between what building to live is the choice where to live, in a city or in a suburb. I, myself, prefer to live in a city rather than in a suburb, therefore I choose to live in a modern apartment.

Life is always changing

November 6th, 2016

The way of life is always changing, espetially it is true for our century. The rate of technological progress speeds up, thus we may expect that this process will keep speeding up, and it is a hard to predict what would the life look like in the following century. However, I will try to speculate how it will look like taking into concideration trends that are held today.

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