Essays by iannhyin

No title August 26th, 2016

Taiwan is a beautiful island located in eastern Asia, and attracting numerous visitor annually for its natural beauty. It usually take more than a week to fully experience the beauty of Taiwan; However, if a foreigner has only one day to visit, I would definitely recommend him spend his precious time in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, for mainly three reasons.

Timed August 25th, 2016

There are sometimes people have to make quick decision. However, not every time these decision are results of careful thoughts, and they are usually just a quick and imperfect solution to a short-term problem. In my opinion, I definitely agree that decisions people made too quickly are always wrong, and I have a few reasons to support my stance.

Live your life August 24th, 2016

People nowadays have numerous way to gain knowledge about life. Some people may think that listening to the advises from friends or family save their time for searching the meaning of life by their own. However, in my opinion, I definitely disagree with this thought and suggest that everyone should learn about life through personal experience.

Sports to Children August 9th, 2016

We can often see children with young age starting practicing and devoting much time into specific sport. This phenomenon is especially prevelent in Chinese society, which parents always hoping their children become well-known in certain professions, such as elite athletes, professors and politicians . Many advantages and disadvantages arise along the excessive time these children spend on practicing sport, and can be categorize into physiological and mental aspects.

August 9, 2016