Essays by jwalabhand

Advertisment July 11th, 2016

Advertisement is the method of promotion of any things in the market. The objective might be related to attract the customer to buy product or to provide the information of the new product in the market. The first strategy is related to the attraction of customer and selling the product . While second technique is to provide the detail information about the advantages and usage of product. Therefore in my point of view both the type of technique are equally important.

topic 173 July 11th, 2016

Although burrowing money from the friend doesn't impair the friendship, but we have to pay our money on time. We have to be in touch with those helpful friends. in addition to that, even though we can't provide the monetary help for them connection will help to maintain the relationship. therefore in my point of view only burrowing money will not harm the relationship. But imbalance in the other factor like behavior, communication and selfishness after receiving money plays an important role in friendship .

No title July 10th, 2016

Even though there are lots of people who want to involve in business, I am not interested in business. If i will have sufficient amount of money i want to invest my money in buying own home. I think this way because the home will be instrumental in reducing the mental stress. The stock of the real state is increasing day by day and it will be the valuable property in future as well as in present. Besides property standard of living will be better in home in contrast to community apartment.

Topic21 July 10th, 2016

Nowadays the life expectancy ratio of the human beings has been improved. there are lots of factor that plays a role to increase the life of the people. In my opinion advancement in the biomedical sciences and the research have great role in such phenomenon. In addition to that education also play a key role in the health of the person.

topic 67 July 10th, 2016

Although an experienced worker can perform the work like experienced worker after some years of training, I as an employer choose the person who had already exposed to the work. I think so because it will save my time as well as money to train him. Even though the worker without experience are willing to work in low salary, I prefer the experience one to prevent the error which will takes more time for correction.

satisfaction July 9th, 2016

Satisfaction can be defined as the ending point of the progression. The people wants progression in their life. So they don't satisfy with what they have in their life. the dream of the people keeps on changing which will ultimately change the position of the individuals. Therefore in my opinion the individuals don't satisfy with have he have in his hand. They keeps on changing their status, possession as well as position .

museum July 9th, 2016

Museum is the collection of the artifacts of historical, cultural and scientific importance. The purpose of museum can be broadly divided into two parts. The first purpose is the conservation and the other is education. Although the objective of visit to museum may vary from person to person. In my opinion the main objective of visit is to have some knowledge about the culture and tradition. People who are involved in the research and history will be benefited by hands on experience with object in the museum.

forign language July 9th, 2016

The foreign language is the language spoken by the people which is other than native language. It is difficult to learn by the people comparatively to the native . The level of difficulty to learn language is directly proportional to age of the individuals. Even there are certain age group which can learn the language in short period of time. In addition to that school is the best place for learning. Keeping all these property of language in mind i hold positive opinion to the statement that the children should begin foreign language as soon as they appear in school.

topic 56 July 9th, 2016

Environment includes the both creatures and their home. So, if the company want to provide some money they should invest in the environment. In my opinion the environment is loosing its natural quality. The impacts of the environment can be see in various form in living beings. On top of that environment plays great role in human beings. Therefore we have to provide an effort to save our environment.

My living room July 8th, 2016

My house is small and sweet with three rooms in it. If I have to choose one of the most important room among the three room of my house I will definitely choose the living room. I love this room for several reasons. The ventilation and size are the two eye catching features of my living room. On top of that it is the meeting point of the whole family, friends and relatives.

Characterstics of Boss July 8th, 2016

A good supervisor is the one who has good management skills. there are some more characteristics which he or she should have as a good supervisor. Good communication skills and good sense of humor are the qualities they should have. Therefore , in my opinion the supervisor who have all these qualities are categorized under good supervisor.

Coeducation July 7th, 2016

The coeducation is the best technique to provide education to the students. It helps student to develop interpersonal relationship. On top of that this type of education will help the students in future too. The school which provides coeducation acts as the platform to teach the students both the type of relationship that is private as well as public. Even the self confidence will be better in the students who attend these type of school. Therefore I hold the opposite opinion for the statement that boys and girls should attend the separate school.

Relationship with pets July 7th, 2016

Pets can be treated as the second member of the family. The relationship of human with such animal will provides lots of advantages. They will provide the company when someone is alone at home. They can acts as the mediator to reduce the stress. On top of that they are more loyal than human beings. Therefore in my opinion it is good to make the relationship with the pets.


In my opinion there will arise some kinds of difficulties while learning . The person who can manage all the woes can only get success. These will bring happiness in the life.Therefore the problem which are arises in the initial stages of life are the signal of success. Even the successful person in the history were struggling a lot to achieved the goal. I believe that difficulties will provide valuable lesson to progress in the life. I want to describe three types of difficulty which are proved to be valuable to support my statement.

important aspect of job July 5th, 2016

In my opinion the money which we earn after working is the important aspect of the job. The people dream to get better job to earn much money. Money is important because the student do part time job to make some money for his school and self expenses. Same way head of the family member goes to work to make some money for the family investment.

Money for living June 21st, 2016

Money is essential part of the life. It plays vital role in each and every aspects of life. People don't make money only for living. People has lots of activities which need money to achieve them. Education, recreation and donation are the major aspects of the life. We have to make investment on these activities because without this the human beings life is incomplete.

Game teaches about the life June 20th, 2016

Life mimics the game which is played by the human beings. Games teaches us many things about the life. It gives an idea about how to lead the life as well as how to bear the responsibilities which comes in our life. It also underscore on the difficulties and the ways to deals with such circumstances.

Neighbour June 19th, 2016

Neighbors are the people who will be with us to help in each and every activities. Some neighbors are good enough to support others, while some may pull the legs of second person to prevent him/her from gaining the sucess.The qualities of neighbor which are accepted as the best are; helpful, supportive and loyal.

various type of learning. June 17th, 2016

There are different methods of learning depending upon the need of the people. Some people will learn from the experiences while some people will learn by reading the books and materials related to the subject. There are people who feel comfortable to learn from the other.

Most important animal June 13th, 2016

Each and every creatures on the earth have their own value. But the level of importance varies from animal to animal. It depends upon the number as well as quality of the animal. In the same way, one horn rhino is the important animal of our country for couple of reasons. It has one horn so more and more tourist are attracted to see it. In addition, the skin and horn of the rhino are the most valuable part of the animal.

Effect of television on family June 13th, 2016

Nowadays, television is the one of the important means of entertainment. All the age group both children and adults are busy on watching the program me of their interest. The television is trying to keep the member of the family together. On top of that family want to spend their spare time watching the program me with their family members.So, in my opinion the television is acting as the medium to make the strong bonding among the friends and family.

group and organisation June 13th, 2016

Organisation helps people in various ways. Currently more and more organisation are emerging to serve the people and community. Most of them are related to health and education, while rest of them are trying to fulfill the demand of public related to sanitation and poverty. Such organisation are useful for the overall growth of the people as well as development of the society.

Improvement of the community. June 12th, 2016

The trends of improving the community by youth is common in community. Being one of the member of the community, I want to give some of my time to clean the roadways connecting to my village . The garbage on the side of road is the leading cause of the accidents in our area. The other reason is that, the dry dust blowing during the summer season causing the air pollution .

No title June 12th, 2016

Nowadays, university is providing various type of subject in the field of education. If i was given an opportunity to choose any subject of my choice, I will choose biology. I am interested in this subject for couple of reasons. It tells us about the origin of life in every living creatures and want to become dentist in future.

University Dormitery May 16th, 2016

Most of the University has their own housing facility. The choice depend upon the students, whether to stay in college hostel or in community apartment. As far as I am concerned, the university dormitories will be best place to stay, because of these three reasons. They are safer, accessible and cheaper compare to housing facility outside the campus area.

Investment of government fund May 16th, 2016

Every year government make an announcement on division of fund in several sectors. Some people think that, government should invest money more on new computer or technology. I am opposite to this opinion, I feel this way because of these reason, which I am going to mention in respective paragraph. The government should spend on transportation, communication and health which are essential rather than advanced technology..

Characteristics of sucessful person May 15th, 2016

Each and every people wants success in their life. There are lots of factor behind successful personality. In my opinion honesty, intelligence and a sense of humor, all these play equal role. One can't get success, if they are lacking one of these characters.

various way of spending money May 15th, 2016

Gift can be of anything, which is presented to someone. It can be given in any form either monetary or objective. It all depend upon the situation and choice of the person or organization who is gifting. It can be given to individuals or to any institution. In same way, if my school received gift in form of money, it should be invested in library and in health insurance for students.

Trial of new things May 15th, 2016

Some people want to try new things while some want to continue same task everyday. It all depend upon nature and interest of people. people who want easy life will continue with same routine but if somebody want to stand different they try to invent new idea. Even I prefer to try new things because it increase the risk handling capacity and help to try alternate method for any task.

Diet of human beings May 14th, 2016

Human beings are categorized under omnivorous by nature and they eat both type of diet. Both the type of food have unique dietary value. Though most of them are common on both but some of them are missing on either diet. So i think, its better to have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet on meal.

May 14, 2016