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way of living June 22nd, 2016

When it comes to the issue of way of living, some people consider living in the way they feel happier and more satisfied is the best idea to spend time while others hold the opposite view. As far as I am concerned, the latter attitude carries more weight. In what follows, I would like to address some conspicuous aspects to corroborate my viewpoint.

importance of sports June 18th, 2016

University is the place which can improve the skills and manner of people. I think it should help us in all kind of contexts, not only studying. So sports and social skills are as important as classes and studying are. I am going to explain why I think they have equal value in this essay.

Easier foods June 12th, 2016

Food has a significant impact on human life. Nowadays, people are really busy and they have less time for making foods, so they use new kitchen facilities such as microwave oven, toaster, food machine and lots of other hi-tech kitchen tools.In this context, I strongly believe that the easiness in making food has improved the way of living in several ways. It is less time consuming, it give you several choices for cooking and have diverse food and you can make healthier food through this innovative tools.I am going to explain my reasons in this essay.

parents,the best teaches June 11th, 2016

Family is the first environment which every child begin to learn in. parents have an important rule on their children and their personalities. Los of people think that parents are the first teachers of children and can be considered as the finest teachers for them, whereas somebody thinks that it is not a correct opinion.I believe that the parents has the leading role in their children learning because they are the most responsible person around the children and they are the first persons who children can learn every thing from.I am going to explain my reasons in this essay.

Favorite subject to study June 9th, 2016

Living in the third world country offers limited opportunity to study courses that are not so popularly in-demand. These courses are often named as "dream course" for those who are dreaming them.In my point of view, if I had the chance of studying my favorite subject, I would choose Music. Music is one of the best ways to improve your soul and feel better about your self.You can express your feelings through the music and shape them as a piece of music.Also, you would have the chance of work in a group as a band and meet new people.In addition, you could improve your creativity. Here I am going to explain my reasons for choosing music as my dream course.

Th reasons of attending collage June 8th, 2016

Studying is an important part of everyone's life.It has a huge impact in the way of living , and it can change lots of things about our beliefs.There are different reasons for continuing education in universities or collages.I think educating in university is really important for choosing a job and it helps us to improve our personalities.Here I am going to explain my reasons for studying in collages.

sports effects in children lives June 8th, 2016

Sports are one of the best entertainments for children and they help them to live healthier and learn lots of life lessons, but sometimes they can have some negative effects on children's life too and make some difficulties for them. Sports are good for children to build physical and mental health. However, as we know, every coin has two sides; if children spend a great time practicing sports then it might be harmful for them in many ways such as impact on grades and negative impacts on developing brains. I am going to discuss the pros and cons of this topic.

The way of traveling: alone or by a group? June 8th, 2016

Traveling is one of the best ways to have fun and relax. Although lots of people love to go traveling on their vacations with their families and friends, some people prefer to travel on their own. I personally love to travel with somebody else, because you can have lots of entertainment which you can do them just in a group, in addition, travel by a group is safer and you feel protected.

June 8, 2016