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government and art funding August 16th, 2016

People wonder about whether the governments should fund the activities such as science and art which are in some way can sustain themselves free of government supports or in other ways dependent on it. As the history shows and the logical reasonings back, it is far more consequential for developments of those items to have systematic buttress from the authorities. Let me elaborate this point in the following discussion.

laws are essential July 28th, 2016

There is no one panacea which will be effective in concluding the above claim that problems in modern society are out of the reach of judicial system. While being in shortage when it comes to fix all the problems, the laws and the legal system ensure uncountable many flows in the communication in this complex life. Without them, we would have been in worse and detrimental condition. Let me illustrate my point clearly and in a detailed way in the following discussion.

fish and cold May 28th, 2016

There are some questions that need to be answered for the assertion to be valid enough. Let me take them in turn to make it clearer.

goal should be humane May 28th, 2016

I don't agree much with the stateement. Because we can't say something as valuable if it distorts something in its way. However, if it goes along the way which will not hurt anybody in long run perspective, we can say that something is worthy of goin forward. From this we can see that asserting too rigidly to the case of putting it as the only good would be a deadly mistake. Let me elaborate on this point more in the following discussion.

showerhead tightening May 28th, 2016

The owner of the complex wants to save more money by changing showerhead through all buildings in its belonging. However not everything is clearly supporting his proposition as there are some deficiency in data available and his predictions are based on vague data, either. We should take account of them and put proper questions that need to be answered before making the decision.

knowledge mix better not May 27th, 2016

A half true and a half not. It's necessary for this discussion to be valid enough that the proper line between different fields should be drawn clearly. I mean that what it means to be another field should be as clear as possible. Providing that we can talk reasonably about their difference, we can talk about effect of their mixing in their progress. As I see generally, it's real life fact that things are mixed and better things result from such coalition. However, it's not absolutely correct in its own way to say that a field is totally powerless to advance only by expanding its own region from inside to out.

goal measure of success May 27th, 2016

Distinguishing people's success by their goal level that they set for themselves can be reasonable. However, it will be only a partial assessment. On the one hand, these goals show the level of aspiration of people and it could mean the true intention of people. On the other hand, there can be substantial difference between what they set as a goal and what they actually do for this. It's not a question that could be answered fully in an essay like this, however i will try to elaborate on the point and will conclude that though being essential, it cannot be fully taken as sufficient for comprehensive evaluation.

individual assessment era May 20th, 2016

Deciding whether an individual as something or just ordinary is matter of serious subjective consideration and therefore hard to disentangle exactly. This is normal as things are not really clear in short time. However considering the greatness as something which one intended and tried to do, we can't tell confidently that it's only later generation to judge. Let me explain this point clearly in the following.

teacher’s offer May 20th, 2016

Teaching interesting subjects to students will be beneficial for their comprehension, however it shouldn't go too long to make students as the agents to decide the content of a course. First reason is that the students don't know the meaning and benefit of the course as well as their teacher, thus teacher should direct the course in what they consider the best possible. Secondly, students can go further if they are really interested and it'll also be beneficial for their ability to search information and solve problems. Let me expand on these points in the following.

second version for this essay May 20th, 2016

It's highly mind provoking issue and happens to everyone in their years of study that whether we really need all those boring subjects or not. Most people inclined toward choosing what they really are interested, but in real life, as the grades on the other subjects are key toward progressing into career, we are left to study those seemingly needless things anyway. That's , indeed, a better choice as we see the situation in real life competition and employers' preferences for responsibility. Let me illuminate on this fact in the following discussion.

identity in social our main May 20th, 2016

Our social identity is indispensable part of what we define ourselves. However it can't go too much in importance to become the primary dimension in which we are included and therefore determined as having specific characteristics. Let me explain this point and corresponding reasons in the following paragraphs.

goal de politics May 20th, 2016

It's not easily solvable and reachable into agreement when it comes into whether politics should strive for something ideal or something derived from mass desire. Being idealistic has potential to deliver surprisingly good results and on the other hand, following the general consensus would be more measurable when it comes to assessing the effectiveness of policies. Considering the long run benefit to the society, I will choose, if I were in the position to make the choice, to follow the more ideal ways of doing politics. These will be explained in detail in the following discussion.

corporate motive May 20th, 2016

In modern era, social outstand of any company is a major topic of speculation and different people have different opinions. While it's true that both earning a profit as much as possible and being responsible to the community are important functions of corporations, the latter becomes more crucial when we understand the functioning of the society and corporation in general. That is my opinion and I'll explore more on this point in the following.

special children May 12th, 2016

It's controversial whether the society should or not start preparing the gifted children from their early age. Though it's advantageous as it uses time as early as possible, it'll make those children deprived of their natural life. As far as I'm concerned, I'll stand not to hasten to educate them in their early age. I'll give detailed explanation in the following discussion.

work shift May 12th, 2016

The suggestion to shorten the work shift to increase sleeping time to adequate level has several problems with insufficient data, logic and assumptions. Let me illuminate them in the following.

parson city May 12th, 2016

Whether there is any quality difference between the value of the town toward their education in public was to be answered by the above claim. However, there are certain things which stated in the argument, but without sufficient information. Therefore before deciding upon the issue, we should consider these gaps at first.

gov fund more May 11th, 2016

It's highly controversial issue whether government should fund some researches the results of which are unknown to anyone. For one side, the probability that new discoveries come up will rise, on the other hand, some unexpected threats may arise from such researches. However when being implemented and regulated carefully, the positive side will outweigh the negative in terms of benefit and cost. Let me discuss them more clearly in the following discussion.

nature’s way new branch May 11th, 2016

The argument states the facts that are for the side of opening new branch in Plainsville town. However those facts are prone to several errors arising from logical inaccuracy. Let's consider them in the following.

different people May 11th, 2016

It's highly probably that the essential impetuses for any case to progress further are when there are people who have differing views about a problem. In one side of the argument, the differing understanding of people can work hand in hand to climb into higher. On the other side, such conflicting people may discourage each other with negativities that may arise. However, if we consider the case carefully, then it'll become clearer that the former is more likely to dominate in real life. Let's take them clearly in the following discussion.

great nation May 10th, 2016

As with anything, whether to say a nation great by what their famous people or by the general life quality of plain people is not an argument that could be easily reached into general acceptance. However, if we take the great nation as what it provides to most people's lives, then surely the second version is preferred. Let me dwell onto the issue deeply in the following discussion.

expert knowledge May 10th, 2016

It's not straightforward to tell exactly one answer regarding whether nascent inquirers are higher potential to contribute breakthroughs than the experienced ones. Though they are more likely to be open minded which is one of the most essential conditions for new discoveries, they generally don't possess enough ground upon which to base and make improvement. Therefore, it's more likely that people stayed in the field longer would reach into growing place. Let me elaborate on these points in the following discussion.

Calatrava plan May 10th, 2016

In the proposal, it's stated that there is sufficient ground for reducing budget to be planned for the coming decade. However there are several problems arising from logical inadequacy, insufficient information and vague terms and they should be made clear for the suggestion to be accepted.

modern life benefit May 9th, 2016

As almost everything, modern affluence and its accompanying coziness make individuals both good and bad. While providing the necessary conditions for people to care about higher matters, it also makes people get separated from some realities of real life. Therefore it gives one and takes another from people for the one it gave them. As far as I'm concerned, I'm against the statement's negative opinion about allowances made possible in modern life. I'll explain those point and reasons that lead me to take this side in the following discussion.

blue highway jam May 9th, 2016

The proposal stated that it's more effective if a lane for bicycle added, then it can cure the problem of traffic jamming during rush hours. Before accepting we need clarification on several fronts. Let me state them in the following.

free high education May 9th, 2016

It's a two-sided problem that whether government should provide college and university education free for all students. While it can make some students less worried about money matters and flexible enough to change their field of studies when they truly find out what they want, it also encourages irresponsible behavior such as moral hazard or can affect the quality of students. However being hard to decide, as far as I'm concerned, I'll prefer the free education system as its benefits can outweigh its disadvantages. Let me explain these points in more detail in the following discussion.

jazz monroe May 8th, 2016

The interesting idea of creating jazz club in the city of Monroe was stated in the plan. Before deciding, we need to question the several arguments given above and should make it clear for certain circumstances regarding the club.

positive teaching May 8th, 2016

When it comes to decide whether it's better or not to openly criticize mistakes new learners making or pointing to the negative sides of the subject being studied, it becomes quite ardous. While showing and warning against the negatives could prevent students from doing the potential mistakes, telling about it too much might make them too cautious, therefore, too slow in making progress. As far as I'm concerned I would chose to hide the negatives temporarily as its effect outweighs that from being open. Let me explain my view in detail in the following discussion.

hero n role models May 7th, 2016

Though they are what are popular among citizens, we can't conclude that the heroes and role models are what the society as a whole strives to achieve. In the following discussion, I'll try to explain why these people are not the highest ideals of their society.

salicylates as health friendly May 7th, 2016

Given the above information and analysis regarding the therapeutic effect of salicylates, we are encouraged to use it as an addition for food and the writer says that it'll make the headache less likely among the citizens of the town of mentia. However, there are several gaps in the direct connection between the assumptions and evidences to the conclusion. In the following discussion, these will be analyzed in detail, therefore, we can see what should be known unambiguously before we reach that conclusion.

not sleeping executives May 7th, 2016

In the prompt, it was argued that if a business wants to grow successfully, then it should hire somebody who sleeps less than 6 hours. However, there are some gaps between the assumptions made and the conclusions the writer derived. In the following, we'll see that logical errors in detail and also see that the conclusions are totally unwarranted.

May 7, 2016