Essays by bik110390

Money spent in research is good for society July 20th, 2013

Research have nowadays became the indicator of nation's development.Countries like USA, Germany, Japan have spent millions of dollars in research and the result can easily be seen when these countries are compared with the developing countries like India and China.

Leader shows the way July 20th, 2013

A leader is someone who is elected by the people and also followed by them. A good and dedicated leader can take a society to the epitome of development whereas a self centric leader is responsible for the downfall of the society. It is natural that a leader's character would be analogous to those residing in the society. Thus understanding his character would give a clear picture of the character of the society.

Leisure time have become more ambrosial with the advent of t July 19th, 2013

Technology and its myriad applications have improved lifestyle of human a zillion times,than what was it during the stone age. Leisure times have become more soothing to senses since nowadays technology gets an important role to play in it. From advanced gadgets to shopping malls, from scenic park to a massage parlour, there is only few areas where technology has not waved its magic wand.

July 19, 2013