Essays by izawang

The cause and influence of global homogeneity September 10th, 2011

To some extent, I agree with the author's general assertion that concerning the globalization, regional differences are becoming smaller and smaller nowadays. However, the author unnecessarily extends this broad assertion to an irreversible extreme and overlooks other compelling factors that may affect this issue. On balance, my points of agreement and contention with the author involve fundamental and deep analysis as discussed below.

Whether the company should discontinue deluxe lighting bulb September 10th, 2011

The conclusion endorsed in this argument is that the company decide to discontinue the deluxe light bulb to increase repeat sales and maximize profits. Several seasons are provided to support this conclusion. At the first glance, this argument appears to be somewhat convincing, but further reflection reveals that this conclusion is base on dubious assumption and the conclusion is biased due to the inadequacy and partiality in the evidence provided to justify the conclusion. A careful examination will review how groundless this conclusion is.

September 10, 2011