Essays by Jsamuel

Benefit of having a companion for a distant travel August 28th, 2011

In this world, each and every day the way of living is changing in several aspects such as making a journey, dealing with others and purchasing a new product. As the people become love to enjoy their privacy, many would go for travelling alone when they plan a visit. However, I would prefer to be in company with someone, when I set off to remote place.

Advice of My Parents is lot worthier than my own views June 15th, 2011

In this modern world, everything regards our life style is changing according to the greater pace of the world. In the same way, the way of attitude of the people is also constantly changing into the new way of trend. In our days, youths want to make their decisions based on their own experience rather than relying their parents’ teachings. However, I strongly believe that advice of family and friends always has its advantages and benefits for the following reasons.

The Holiday – May 22nd, 2011

In this materialistic and swiftly revolving world, we can never easily find a person or opportunity to remembering and being grateful others, especially to people who are deserved for it. However, one consoling truth is that we often come across several days which have been named in behalf of such people who have dedicated their lives for others by their great love and philanthropy. I do always feel great about this chance. Therefore, if I would be given a moment to make a new holiday, I would be more delighted to name it on behalf of Bro. Dr.DGS. Dhinakarn.

Higher education is for every students, not only for student May 18th, 2011

Despite the human divisions, such as race, language, nationality and religion, everyone is similar to others in the nature of human life and in term of creation. So, any right or freedom should never be obscures to any one due to their present status in this competitive world. Therefore, when we reckon about this issue, "Whether the university education should be open for everyone or just to great eggs?", we should acknowledge the truth that education is for everyone. I have enunciated few of the fundamental reasons for my view.

working in group and being cooperative is more productive! May 16th, 2011

A universal prose says, “Man is a social animal,” which implies the nature of life and way of living that human beings ought to live. Many people incline to work along with others as they find it is more optimal for fruitful results. However, lot of people cling to be an independent as it seems more suitable for them. I have analyzed and represented effectiveness of both the methods to answer the question that “which would be more effective over other?”

Amusing movie is most ideal for me May 9th, 2011

As movie has become the greater tool of media to reach the people through its different features, the movie has its catch on audience hearts by its various forms. The movies come with different prospective such as telling a subject, insisting a virtue or to offer fun to people. However, each person has an enthusiasm for one kind of movie, that cannot have same level of effect on another man/woman due to different taste of people. According to me as I have to draw a preference among various forms of movie, I would prefer to watch movies, which have the good entertainment.

School’s role in helping new students May 3rd, 2011

It has been universally acceptable truth, "Education is an imperative need for children and even to entire society." However, as I reminisce about my early school years, still I feel as much apprehended to remember the difficulties I had to go through. The reason was that I was in the position to adapt to an entirely new environment at the very young age, when I had to switch onto new school. This is the reason for many children and their parents to embarrass to counteract. However, I strongly believe that schools can help their children in this issue by acting through following few sage ways.

No title April 25th, 2011

It is always our natural tendency to incline into the high salary job, due to the materialistic profit in it as it can supply our needs and rich experience. However, we should never forget the negative effects that high salary job could impose upon us. Therefore, I do strongly agree with the statement that "high vacation job is better than high salary job but with less number of leaves.

Not judging others by external appearance April 20th, 2011

An important bible verse quotes, “Man looks upon someone’s face, but God watches and weighs the thoughts of his heart.” It enunciates us the truth that watching someone’s heart never always tells us about his feeling or his nature. Therefore, I do agree with the view that we should never judge someone by his first impression. I have enumerated few reasons and analyzed about them in following paragraphs to back up my opinion.

No title April 20th, 2011

When I would have to make a certain decision about presenting a particular gift to a child, I would really try to reminisce, “What gift that my parents presented to me and I would rationalize that How much that gift contributed to development of my skills apart from being just like a toy to have fun. In other words, I would reckon to analyze the pros and cons of specific gift that had given to me as I ought to present something to my dearest one.

Good Son to his parents April 19th, 2011

As the life is changing into very modern, fast and materialistic each day, the way of living is also constantly changing. However, we should always be careful in our behavior and actions in order to live a meaningful life. Therefore, I strongly believe that a good son or daughter should be endowed with following qualities.

Knowledge from books and experience April 16th, 2011

As a person has born in this world, continuous growing is a unchanging phenomena in his life. The person has to grow up physically as well as mentally or in other words psychologically to be considered as a valuable person in his society. As I have to analyze in the prospective of knowledge and to determine that which is the effective source in between two different sources that are books and experience in nourishing a person’s cognizance, I have to enumerate the following points.

Can new technologies help the students? April 16th, 2011

It is an universally acceptable truth that “Education has become sharper everyday as the earth ball is keep rolling.” It clearly shows us that education has marked with numerous wonderful facilities and advantages for the modern day students. A conspicuous reason for this is none other than technological innovations by its pros in several ways. Therefore, I do strongly agree to the statement that “Technology helps the students,” and I have enumerated some of them below.

Important Animal In My Country, India April 16th, 2011

My country, India is gradually emerging to the greater heights every day. As a view of an important animal in my homeland, I am sure that cow would be the most valuable animal in my country. There may by some other animals may be considered as important such as dog and sheep. However, the cow should be very preferred animal for the following reasons.

Portable Electricity generating Units April 11th, 2011

Though it is an universally acceptable truth that “Most of the inventions had been made accidentally rather than intentionally,” I would try to make a remarkable invention, when I have been an endowed with the greatness and opportunity to create. However, my focus would be helping the whole humanity in long-term basis instead of very narrow and short prospective. My option would be the “Creation of Portable electricity generating units” for the following concerns and advantages.

No title April 7th, 2011

In bible, very popular verse quotes, “There is no greater love than anyone who would give his life for his friend!” This explains that how it is important and precious to have a true friend who could really share his love with me. Therefore, I would prefer to have the one or couple of true friends rather than many casual acquaintances.

April 7, 2011