Essays by philmdunk

philmphilm June 20th, 2010

Have movies, television influence people's behavior ? Nowadays technology and electrical in to rather all family. Television become to important for people in get information, relaxation and entertrain. Ensurest the informations spread out have diferrent by specific the movies. Some movies have a good matter and some movies have not a good matter.

philmdunk June 19th, 2010

The most important ? The truth in my country have many animals. But animal once very important. It is elephant. The elephants to be place permanent of nation.

philmagree June 18th, 2010

Technology and learning. Nowaday the technology and the learning are improtance. They support once and once. Education can develope techonogy and techonogy develope to learning of students is global education expecailly the learn from internet.

June 18, 2010