Essays by Phuong

country life April 1st, 2010

Some people think that living in a small town has a lot of advantages such as a peaceful life, no pollution or the fresh atmosphere. Others believe that living in a big city with its advantages can help them to success and enjoy the modern life. Surely, I totally agree with the second group who love to live in a big city as following reasons.

city life April 1st, 2010

Would you like living in a small town or living in a big city? That is hard question, each place also has advantage and disadvantage, different people has different idea. In my opinion, I prefer to live in a big city for some reasons: Convenient, high education, high living status.

Country life vs city life March 31st, 2010

Choosing a place to live is an important decision in people's life. Some people claim that living in a big city is more comfortable, but others believe that residence in a big city has much benefit. From my point of view, I would prefer living in small town due to some following reasons.

global homogeniety March 30th, 2010

Today, multinational corporations become bigger and bigger and they sell their products and services in many countries. Some people may hold the idea that people in everywhere like similar products and there is no difference between various regions. However, from my own view point, people‘s likings are diversified and differences between particular regions still exist.

March 30, 2010