Essays by Androdas

qwert August 22nd, 2009

The author mentions about the desire of the town planning commitee to buy the natural woodlands named as Scott woods from the government and to build a school in that area. He also mentions that the school built would have plenty of open spaces for children to play and thus that area would also be a natural woodland. The arguer here makes some erroneous assumption and comes to hasty cnoclusion which defies logic.

Media essay August 22nd, 2009

The importance of media is increasing in today's life. Media is considered by people as a way of attaining more knowledge and as a way of getting accustomed to what is happening in the outside world. But the issue that media tends to create the values of our society rather than reflecting it is a controversial issue and can evoke varied viewpoints. On one hand people believe that the purpose of media is to simply reflect our views and valueswhich has been held for more than many centuries. On the other hand many of them assert that the media should deviate from the current values held by the society in order to enhance the lives of people. On final analysis I believe that most of the books, films, music, etc. are actually creating the values in our society.

Essay August 6th, 2009

The Vice-President has decided to hand over the construction of all their access roads for new malls to Appian Roadways. To support his decision he cites an example of two roads in different sections of country built by different Roadways, namely Appian Roadways and the McAdam Road Builders. He says the road built by Appian Roadways is in a better condition for more than four years but the road built by McAdam Road Builders is in a pathetic condition after just two years. He also mentions in his memo that Appian Roadways have got a new technology and a new quality-control manager which is episodic. The decision in this case suffers critical fallacies and defies logic.

Essay August 6th, 2009

First of all what is a fact? A fact is a widespread belief or an accepted truth by a majority of people. Any hypothesis or a postulate which can't be refuted when it is put forth eventually becomes a fact. A fact is usually a thing in which majority of the public believes rather than trying to prove it wrong. But it is a little harsh to say that ‘all' facts turn out to be false and that they should be mistrusted.

Essay August 6th, 2009

Since the past couple of decades technology has jumped up by leaps and bounds making inventions like the video camera a reality which was only a remote dream before that. Nowadays video camera is gaining a lot of popularity and the popularity is being enhanced day by day. It is true that a video camera provides an accurate and a convincing form of record but to state that it has become more important than the written records requires a little bit more consideration.

August 6, 2009