Essays by bhawna

A leader’s Quality February 17th, 2008

According to my view, a leader in an organisation is the person who binds the people of different backgrounds and mindset to work together in order to achieve the same goal. Therefore he has to be multi talented at planning, organizing, solving problem as well as communicating a common mission to his fellow memebers and inspiring them to work towards it.

Growth of Mass Media and its effects February 15th, 2008

Everything depends on how an individual perceives something. Easily available information can be used to increase knowledge and to enhance understandabilty, whereas, too much of information can also lead to confusion. I firmly believe that any information , given at right time, in the right age can always build a person's personality better. A well informed person has a better understanding thus is more intellectual and creative.

Cultural homogeneity February 15th, 2008

I agree with the opinion that multinational corporations do bring people from different region on the same platform thus leading to homogeneity. Generally a corporation follows similar vision and mission of business across its brances.Therefore,corporations' brances produce the same product and provide similar services irrespective of their global locations. The spread of corporations across continents thus binds the people as they are given similar products for use and they are also exposed to similar set of services.

February 15, 2008