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no interference January 27th, 2007

The issue that 'to guarantee quality education in elementary and secondary schools, the students' parents must be actively involved indefining the schools' educational policies' is a controversial one. the first reason why i believe that parents should not intervene making policies is because elementary and secondary schools have a policy that is designed from experts who care a lot for the education of the children. parents' involvement might not be in interest of all the students, as they are not well aware of the mental status of the children of all ages. they cannot make a value judgement in this regard. for instance, the parents of the child who is a genius might want the teachers to cover more topics in small grades whereas it is not advisable for children, usually, in that grade. elementary and secondary schools have to cater to the lowest common denominator. a policy could also be related to dress code for children. given a chance, parents, usually prefer no uniform. but this works against the interest of the schools. to bring in discipline, uniform is required. late hours of class might be suggested by parents who work for long hours in the office, as they find it hard to leave their children in care of the others. again, this works against the specialists' study related to how many hours of class is good for children and how much can they bear. after giving a deep thought to the above mentioned criteria, i would like to conclude by saying that elementary school and secondary schools should be left to make policies on their own. they shouldn't be bothered by parents' of the existing students.

January 27, 2007