Essays by azadehhh

Famous athletes and entertainers June 17th, 2017

Multimedia devices are the most important sources which can help people to be more informed than were they in the past. Some individuals are of the opinion that well-known actors or sportsmen do not have their privacy as they have had before. In my opinion, nowadays, advertisers invite famous actors and athletes to advertise their products. So, these days due to well-pay of advertising and desire for being more and more renowned, actors and athletes do not want to have their privacy. I will elaborate on my reasons in the following paragraphs.

Development June 11th, 2017

Who can turn a blind eye to the inevitable fast race of development and its positive effects on the universe these days? Some people tell stories about the past time that they were happier than nowadays. I take the view that people are fulfilled thoroughly by this ever-shifting world. I will elaborate on the momentous reasons in the following paragraphs.

June 11, 2017