Essays by wtt

City of Helios January 10th, 2017

In the given argument, the author concludes that corporations should consider the city of Helios when seeking new business opportunities or new location. To bolster this conclusion, the author points out that Helios is the industrial center which provided more manufacturing jobs and that Helios’s unemployment rate was lower than the average in the recent recession. Although the whole argument appears to be valid at first glance, further analysis reveals that the judgment is based on some dubious assumptions and that the reasoning is questionable since the evidence cited is misleading.

Memorandum November 16th, 2016

In this memorandum, the author reaches the conclusion that Apogee should close down field offices and conduct all its operations from a single location. To support this conclusion, the author claims that Apogee company was more profitable in the past when all its operations were in one location. What's more, the author also points out that conducting all operations in one location would help become more profitable company. At first glance, the author’s argument appears to be somewhat compelling, but further reflection reveals that the argument omits some important concerns that must be addressed to substantiate the argument.

wttde argument November 1st, 2016

In this argument,the author recommends that transfering investment from Cola Loca to Early Bird Coffee.To support this recommendation,the author points out that the number of older adults will significantly increase over the next 20 years.The author also cites studies indicating that coffee consumption increases with age while colar consumption declines with increasing age.Based on this evidence,the author concludes that coffee demand will increase while cola demand will decrease during the next 20 years.Therefore,it is advisable to transfer investments from Cola Loca to Early Bird Coffee.However,this argument is unwarranted with unconvencing evidence and unlogical problems.

November 1, 2016