Essays by Alessandro Sechi

Protect the environment or support the art January 10th, 2017

Is very difficult to give a precise answer to this question. Especially in my country, a lot of people thinks that the company have to protect the environment, while others think they have to support the arts. Overall, though, I think they have to protect the environment, because is important for animals, for our health and for the future generations.

Things made by machine January 4th, 2017

We live in a consumeristic society, where everything is disposable. People now, with the incredible life speed in the cities, buy a lot of useless things. Clearly, also the industries have changed their ways of producing the dailies consumer goods, using machines instead of people, producing faster but with a lower quality. At these conditions, I prefer items made by hand, especially clothes, for some reasons, like the quality, the destination of my money, and the peculiarity of the object.

January 4, 2017