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TOEFL Essay Topic 72 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Grades (marks) encourage students to learn. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

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In Japan, where I live, some families eat their meals separately. Fathers go to eat a dinner with their colleagues after work. They can enjoy drinking alcohol and discuss about the project they are working on right now. Also, children love to visit a reasonable restaurant with their friends after...

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In this day and age, parents attach greater importance to their children's education so some parents would award their children with money for each high score they gain in school because the parents believe that the awards would motivate their children to study harder. While others seem to stand in an opposite site and choose not to do so for they reckon that the demerits of which far outweigh merits of doing it. From where I stand, I favor the latter one and the reasons are as following.

First and foremost, offering children money for their high scores constantly would distort children's value of learning. To state it clearly, the behavior of giving children money suggests the children that the purpose of learning is to gaining money, so the children would regard each examination as an easy assess to earning money, which facilitate children to think highly of examinations of school exclusively, and look upon of those examinations or knowledge out of school. In that case, the value of study would easily be distorted and children would just learn for money not for a broadened mind and a rich knowledge trove. All these are totally possible if parents award children for their academic performance.

Subsequently, giving children lots of money helps them to foster bad habits. It is completely understandable that once children have money they would possibly spend money wastefully due to the lack of money-managing consciousness, for example, children might be obsessed themselves with online games because they finally have the money to by game-cards or they might go to the supermarket and purchase some cute dolls or toys for fun even there have been lots of toys at home. What is worse, some children who did perform so well at school but want to gain the awarding money from parents might cheat on the school examination, which can be a relatively severe deed for children's life record and undermine their life path. Hence, conferring money to children can be detrimental in forming their habits.

To put all in a nutshell, not only will giving children awarding money distort their learning value, but also help them foster bad habits.Therefore,I stand against the opinion that some parent offer their school-age children money for each high grade (mark) they get in school.

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