TOEFL Essay Topic 147 - Your school has received a gift of money. What do you think is the best way for your school to spend this money? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice.

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Different people can look at the same things but may have different perceptions. We perceive things in different ways. We draw different conclusions from similar perceptions. A perfect example of this is when we talk about the best way for our school to spend money which the school have received as a gift. In my opinion, a closer examination reveals that spending it for students such as a scholarship or an academic award sound study rational enough to convince me. There are two reasons: compensation for high tuition and motivation for study.

To begin with, one merit of supporting the stance is that recent tuition is high. I go to a national university. Some people may believe that students of public universities need not pay a lot of money for their tuition. Although it is certain that the tuition of public school is lower than that of private school, it is still high and increasing in these days. It is over 500,000 yen per year while it was a quarter a few decades ago. Many students who attend national universities are from middle classes or even low classes. They worry about the increasing burden. Moreover, some students are borrowing money to pay their tuition. They suffer from the heavy debts for a long time. If the university aids for students in forms of its own scholarships or academic awards, they can be free of such concerns. In short, university should support students by the money as a compensation for the high tuition.

In addition, another reason of putting faith for the claim is that monetary aid for students motivates students to study harder. If the university has academic awards, students try to concentrate on their study to achieve high grades and get the prizes. As a result, students would attain a lot of knowledge for their major and get better jobs. For example, my school already has an academic award for students who got high grades in liberal arts class. Since I really wanted the award , I tried to study hard and finally got the prize including 250,000 yen. I was very glad to receive the honor and was proud of my effort. I spent the money for my short stay in Canada. I went to an English language school to improve my English skill. The award gave me great opportunity of learning.

In conclusion, for these three reasons, I strongly support that the best way for our school to spend money is to use for students such as scholarshps or academic awards.

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