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TOEFL Essay Topic 15 - Neighbors are the people who live near us. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor? Use specific details and examples in your answer.

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practice 15

We all know that human are prone to live in groups. Although few of us dislike interacting with others, having a good social community is a dream for most of us. In my opinions, a good neighbor should include some specific features.
First, saying hello is the best beginning of a relationship between my neighbors and me. If I can receive a sound of greeting with a big smile from people living in next door every morning. It will really make my day and brings me energy to start the subsequence job.
Second, a nice neighbor should always remember that he is living with a group of people in a same community and shell always tries not to make others inconvenient. For example, I always do a good recycling of garbage in order to keep the environment clean even though I was exhausted that day. Hence, I wish both me and my neighbors can do similar thing to keep our community in a nice condition.
Finally, I think the participation of community works is also important. If I hold a party or want to discuss a community problem in our neighborhood, I like to see everyone in this area can join me since we are all relevant. A neighbor who doesn’t like to interact with other will not only easily be hated, but also hard to update his community information.
In conclusion, a good neighbor of mine should be affable, cooperative and active. These features are also goals for me to achieve. I believe that if I can be a good neighbor in most the other’s view, I can make some influence to help the community become better. I can’t decide whether my neighbor wants to be good or bad, but I can be a good one for others and affect them to be my side.

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