Playing games are wounderfull thing that one can have from it. One may play indoor or outdoor games. Plaing game

TOEFL Essay Topic 148 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Playing games teaches us about life. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Playing games are wounderfull thing that one can have from it. One may play indoor or outdoor games. Plaing game

Playing games are wounderfull thing that one can have from it. One may play indoor or outdoor games. Plaing game is the only source from which one can have both enjoyment along with fun and in addition they also get a lesson of life from it. According to me one can learn three things about life by playing games. Three things are became healthy, concentrate on things, and knowledge.

Firstly, a healthy person is known as physically, mentaly, and socially healthy. Person by playing outdoor games have much better physical health and mental health. As a person plays outdoor games he will excersie by running, catching, hitting or anything else. Also person will have some relax out of his/her busy life-style. And learn more things of life such as fitness, concentrate, and main thing is he will one major thing in life "Practice makes man perfect" as he will more perfect to become better than others. As an example man plays football, he concentrates the ball comes toward him, has better vision, healthy by running and learn lesson by becoming better in it.

Secondly, a person who plays indoor game become metally and socially healthy. Person may play indoor games like video games, computer games, playing card, chess, arrow etc. A person learns mainly how to outcome of the games the is playing. As in video games or computer games, person thinks about how to pass the stage he is playing in the game ang go further and also concentrate the over coming things. Same in playing cards, chess, and arrow games he will be better think about tricks and use more brain to win. And in all indoor games they will have concentration diretly, cloes relation and behave better with one another they will not fight is one loss the game as one does in outdoor games.

Finally, in each game no matter weather it is outdoor or in door one will have the best knowledge of life. One can have knowledge of how life is, as consider the game is one life and he have to reach the goal before game completes and so in our real life. They also learns much about good manners by behaving good to others while playing.

Lastly, one should play games when he has free time. This enables one to have both education and enjoyment in life at the same time. Thus, as my teacher always tell us, "life without geometry is pointless." In this same manner, I believe that life without games is meaningless for both educational and enjoyment purposes.

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