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TOEFL Essay Topic 180 - Movies are popular all over the world. Explain why movies are so popular. Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

Author: zivon | Date: October 11, 2017 | Score:5.5

Life of people are becoming increasingly complex with more and more new concepts as well as emerging techniques. Therefore, the ability to plan and organize for young people seems with greater importance than ever before. I would then examine below the specific reasons for preparing a plan accord...

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With an increasing amount of educational resources becoming available to students, students have more chances to attend field trips. Some people believe field trips are useless because students just play during the process. However, as far as I am concerned, field trips play an important role in students' education.

Attending field trips can improve students’ study efficiency. Nowadays, knowledge is always presented on the textbooks by a few words and pictures which do not vividly show students what it looks like in real life. Although teacher would play some videos in classes to show the knowledge in the textbooks, students still cannot have a clear idea of abstract knowledge such as how to the first Newton law in physics. However, a field trip could solve this problem by showing students a ball rolling on a really smooth desk which cannot be exhibited by the teacher in classes. Through this way, students could quickly get the idea of the first Newton las in physics. And then, they have the basis for learning more physical concepts. In contrast, students who have difficulty learning the first law through words cannot develop their knowledge because they lack the fundamental knowledge. Thus, students attending fields trips learn knowledge quickly.

Field trips can also help children generate interests in studying. Since students always get bored with knowledge on the textbooks, their interests in studying cannot be activated. As a result, students are not motivated to study hard. We can deduce that only studying in classes is not a successful educational way. However, field trips can make up this disadvantage. Since students could see the knowledge on the textbook exhibited in real life, they know what they are learning is useful. Especially students would get bored with the chemical reaction equations, but get excited about real chemical experiments. Through watching or even doing these experiments, students are more willing to know how the experiments happens. Consequently, students get interested in the chemistry. So we can conclude that fields trip motivate students to study.

Admittedly, learning class in the school is a good way for students know huge amount of knowledge within short time. The knowledge learned by class would be forgotten quickly without deep understanding. So we can deduce that field trips are also an important part of education.

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