Personality of Modern Comunication

TOEFL Essay Topic 88 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Telephones and email have made communication between people less personal. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Author: Aarsh | Date: November 6, 2016 | Score: 5

The presonality of the modern communication facilities highly depends on the way we use them. These sort of communications can be used in a very personal way or in a general manner, as we wish. It is because that the companies who provide communication products for us are attempting to gain the ...

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Telephones and e-mails have enabled us to communicate without facing directly each other. Those technologies improved and changed the relationship between people because they could not transmit their personal information to others in the far distance in the past. However, I can not agree with the statement completely because another technology, social network service (SNS), have a bigger influence on our communication and had made it less personal. Since social network service provides us with an opportunity to do interactive communication with many people and we can use it anytime we want, its effects on our communication style are bigger than Telephone and e-mails.

First of all, telephones and e-mails had only one-way communication method, but by using SNS, we can interact with other persons. This encourages us to decrease personal communication between people and to belong more social community because the number of people in the telephones or e-mail communication is limited. For instance, we can share individual profile open to the public and exchange ideas on SNS homepages. Because of that, it is easier to find a people who have the same interest. There are many communities sharing such same interests inside of SNS. In other words, SNS pages offer an interactive communication platform to us. Although we use telephones and e-mails every day to contact someone’s else, they are just used for business communication. As a result, interactive tools offered by SNS have turned our communication into less personal.

Second, we can connect SNS anytime we want to, although we avoid using telephones and e-mail in the bad situation. This easy access makes our communication less personal because we always belong to some societies online. For instance, I belong to an SNS page of my university library. There are a lot of students in the circle and they share their favorite books and interest in literature. Those students are always chatting and sometimes upload information about their outlook toward the reading randomly, so I check it out no matter when they do. We can restrict telephone hours or e-mail check time but if we belong such SNS pages, we do not have enough chances to think something personally. More and more users of SNS may put a limit on our personal thinking.

On the whole, communication tool affects our personal life and telephones and social network service a bigger impact on our communication compared with telephones and e-mail. People have a difficulty in keeping personal time in daily life due to the interactive technology and easy access of SNS.
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