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TOEFL Essay Topic 1079 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: people today spend too much time on personal enjoyment - doing things they like to do - rather than doing things they should do.

Author: Ghazal Jahanshahi | Date: September 20, 2017 | Score: 5

Nowadays, there is a controversial debate about spending time on personal enjoyment or important tasks. Some youth prefer to follow their hobbies and have some fun times whereas adults believe that children have some responsibilities which need their attention. In my opinion a balance between wor...

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Some people think that most of the people in my country perform their duty enough because they work hard, pay taxes and make children get an education, all of them are the three primary duty in my country. Others claim that many people spend their time in their leisure, not their duty because we can make much more efforts to eliminate poverty and war in our world. In my opinion, people do enough their duty and also they do not always enjoy too much their personal pleasure because nowadays most of the people enjoy themselves in a little pastime thanks to the smartphone and the internet, and many of them enjoy what they should do in my country.

First of all, the easy access to the internet and other entertainment in recent years has provided people chance to enjoy themselves in even brief free time. This changes how people spend their time in everyday lives. For instance, in the past office workers could read newspapers, novels or comic books while they were commuting. Although some of them could enjoy themselves during their work time, it was difficult for them to get their free time on weekdays. On the other hand, even on the crowded commuting trains in the morning, they can watch movies, play various kinds of games, or chat with their friends thanks to the development of information technology. This change enables people to do both what they should do in a particular period and do their enjoyment between work time even if they are busy.

Second, many of my country’s population enjoy their duty itself, especially woking. Working is the essential part of what we have to do and it takes hours to accomplish all of the tasks. However, in my country many of the people want to work a lot in every day and enjoy the challenge. This means that they spend their time for both leisure and duty. Although some of them do not like their jobs, they earn money which enables them to enjoy their free time.

On the whole, enjoyment is a temptation to spend their whole hours in it. However, I do not think people spend too many hours on their personal fun because of the easy access to such leisure and enjoying what they should do in many cases.

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