People should know about events happening around the world

TOEFL Essay Topic 25 - It has recently been announced that a large shopping center may be built in your neighborhood. Do you support or oppose this plan? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Author: JIAQI WANG | Date: December 9, 2017 | Score: 5

Have you ever watched the news channel on TV? There are all manners of important events happening around the world every day. However, these events don't seem to have anything to do with our daily. Accordingly, question concerning whether people nowadays should know about those events have arouse...

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Large shopping center Score: 4.5 August 2nd, 2017 by s to y

Before I begin stating whether I agree or disagree with the statement, I would like to note what kind of town I live in. I live in a town where no big restaurants or famous stores exists. I live in a town where it snows heavily during the winter. I live in a town where a lot of elderly people reside. After reading these sentences, I’m sure you know whether I agree or disagree. Yes, I can’t be more than welcome to the large shopping center to open, and I have three reasons to support this idea.

Firstly, I think it would be ample of benefits for people who live in this town. Like I stated in the above, we don’t have large stores in the vicinity, which makes our lives hard and inconvenient. If a large shopping mall were to open, I assume there will be a variety of stores. From bookstore to restaurants, from the supermarket to clothing store. I can easily predict it would be very convenient to every resident, especially old people. For people like me, a problem like having no stores around me can somewhat be solved, by using the internet and shopping online. However, for elderly people who tend to be not familiar with those technologies, I can easily imagine their difficulties. Therefore, having a large shopping center near them will be a huge benefit, because they don’t have to drive their car for more than an hour to go to the nearest big city.

Secondly, I think it will make our town more attractive, and lure people from different cities to our town. I assume there are people who are opposed to opening a gigantic shopping center, because it will shadow the existing local stores, and lead them to bankruptcy. I think it’s the quite contrary. If a large shopping center were to be built, it’s true that many people would go to the shopping mall, but because the total number of people who want to buy something increases, it would benefit economically to both the shopping center and the local stores. If the local stores can find their way to brand their stores or succeed in the advertisement, they will earn a chance to be more successful. Hence, it would be a great opportunity to the local stores also and will energize the whole community.

Thirdly, I think it would lessen the tragedies that usually take place during winter. I live in a town where it snows heavily, and it is famous for the snow festival. Although it is nice to have a snow festival during the winter, it is much more inconvenient for all of us because it hinders us from going out. Even though we know it is not safe to go outside, we have to drive our automobile in order to buy foods and all the other necessities. Because of this, many people will be involved in car accidents, and some of them pass away. This tragedy would be easily be solved by building the large shopping mall in the vicinity.

Because of these reasons above, I can’t agree more if there is a plan to construct a brand-new shopping mall in our town.

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