People attend college for a lot of different reasons

TOEFL Essay Topic 90 - If you could meet a famous entertainer or athlete, who would that be, and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

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People attend college for a lot of different reasons

I would like to meet Suzuki Ichiro, who is the one of the most famous athlete in MBA.
People attend college for a lot of different reasons. I believe that the three most common reasons are to prepare for career, to have new experiences, and to increase their knowledge of themselves and of the world around them.
Career preparation is probably the primary reason that people attend college. These days, the job market is very competitive. Careers such as information technology will need many new workers in the near future. At college, students can learn new skills for these careers and increase their opportunities for the future.
Students also go to college to have new experiences. For many, it is their first time away from home. At college, they can meet new people from many different places. They can see what life is like in a different city. They can learn to live on their own and take care of themselves without having their family always nearby.
At college, students have the opportunity to increase their knowledge. As they decide what they want to study, purse their studies, and interact with their classmates, they learn a lot about themselves. They also, of course, have the opportunity to learn about many subjects in their classes. In addition, to the skills and knowledge related to their career, college students also have the chance to take classes in other areas. For many, this will be their last chance to study different subjects.
Colleges offer much more than career preparation. They offer the opportunity to have new experiences and to learn many kinds of things. I think all of these are reasons why people attend colleges.

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