People all over the world enjoy traveling, during which travelers can get closer to nature, acquire more experience or even

TOEFL Essay Topic 44 - Some people like to travel with a companion. Other people prefer to travel alone. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

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People all over the world enjoy traveling, during which travelers can get closer to nature, acquire more experience or even

People all over the world enjoy traveling, during which travelers can get closer to nature, acquire more experience or even meet his future wife. Contrary to those who have the propensity for traveling alone, I recommend traveling together with several friends. There are no less than three reasons as rendered below.

The first reason can be obviously seen. When traveling with several friends, it is easier to get help from others. All people need help sometime no matter how powerful he or she is. Travelers can turn to friends for help when he meet difficulties, say, forget to bring enough food or drink. On the contrary, it is practically hard to ask for a stranger for food or drink during the journey or even almost impossible to find someone to solve your problem when you are alone during the trip in the jungle. Whats worse, you have to quit the trip when you get a bad cold or a fever and, unfortunately, you forget to take the medicine with you. So it is much more convenient to travel with friends.

Besides, the further reason why I advocate traveling with others is that it is much safer for the travelers to take a trip together in stead of traveling alone. Do you want to go to the jungles to get a close touch with a great number of animals? Do you look forward to reaching the top the Everest to enjoy the gorgeous scenery of nature? Do you long for go through a desert to experience the toughest circumstances in the world? Only with several friends can you realize your dream. It is, however, practically impossible to go to these places by yourself.

Moreover, traveling with friends, we can find much more fun during the trip. Playing cards on the bus, chatting on the long way to the destination, or even making a joke on one of the friends will bring us happiness and make the journey full of laugh. Whats more, traveling with others is more economical than taking the trip

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