Parents are the Best TerchersThere is a story, a 16 years old boy was sentenced to death for his killing.

TOEFL Essay Topic 2 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Parents are the Best TerchersThere is a story, a 16 years old boy was sentenced to death for his killing.

Parents are the Best Terchers

There is a story, a 16 years old boy was sentenced to death for his killing. Before the punishment carried out, he commanded to meet his mother as the last seeing. In surprise, he hurt her by his mouth during the meeting. He said it was his mother who led him in the end of his life.

Parents are the best terchers for their bringing up their children. The Name comes from them, the clothes is weared by them, further more, the character is from their effects. When an infant comes, the shape of its mother makes it a deep impression. And his characher is affected by his parents while he grows up. Before he goes to school, the parents play a main role in his life. He could be a man full of courage if his parents had the characters of never giving up. He could be a hero if they had the characters of justice. And as an opposition, he could be bad if they were wicked.

Even from element to high school, he is affected by them when he stays at home. Teachers teach him knowledge, they told him how to do a problem or write a composition, while the parents teach him the way of living, they told him how to deal with the problem in his life, or how to choose the right answer when he meets the alternative. “To do or not to do, that’s a problem”, when the prince choosed, his choice came from his parents mostly.

In the other hand, the parents are his abecedarians. For example, Chopin, one of the most talented composers in classical music, had been influented by his parents since his birth. He write his first melody in his seven. It can not imagind that he could be successful if his parents did not like music. His parents are the best teachers in his life, and so us.

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