one change of twentieth century

TOEFL Essay Topic 159 - The twentieth century saw great change. In your opinion, what is one change that should be remembered about the twentieth century? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice.

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one change of twentieth century

People try to improve their lives from the time they existed. They aways invent something and change thair lives. One of thses changes that heppened in twentieth sentury is inventing electrisity. Pepole schould remember it because it changed their personal life and made their work more easy.

Nowadays, people cannot survive without electricity. All aspects of our lives linked with it. Our personal life depends on electricity as well. For example, I am the engineer who works all day in a office. I get out of work after six oklock in the evening. In the winter at this time is already dark outside. However, it dosn’t stop me to go some places for intertaning. The places that go are restaurants, bars, theaters and so on. When I get inside these places I forgat that it is night outside. I can have a dinner, watch movies or shopping in really comfortable atmosphere. All these avents would be imposible without electricity. Consequently, electrisity changed people’s personal life.

We spand the majority of our awaking time working. The progress and new technogy make a working process more advenced. After electricity was invented, people started to build muchines that helped them to work. For example, ancient people grew their crous and reaped it by hands. It was really hard job. However, the officiency of this job was low. In twentieth sentury, people invented machines that work from electricity. These machins helped people in all aspects of their lives. Hence, elctricity helped people with their jobs and made it easier.

To sum up, one of many changes that twentieth sentury bruoght to us is invention of elactricity. It changed people’s lives in many different ways. Their personal lives were changed tremendously and their job- performence became more easier.

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