Nowadays travelling is becoming more and more popular with the Chinese people, as we have more leisure time and money

TOEFL Essay Topic 74 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Nowadays travelling is becoming more and more popular with the Chinese people, as we have more leisure time and money to spend during our vacation. And when it comes to ways of travelling, many prefer to join groups arranged by travel services and escorted by tour guides. Others may argue indepen...

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Travel with a tour guide Score: 3 May 23rd, 2018 by kemmy

Those who like free time for their travel think that the best way to travel is travel without a group guide. However, I agree with the statement; the best travel is led by a tour guide with a group. There are two reasons I think so; time efficiency, and affluent information from a tour guide.

To begin with, a tour gide is a professional at the travel point, and a tour which is led by a tour guide is design to go destination efficiently. My own experience shows that when I traveled to New York city, US, I traveled in New York with a tour guide. At the time when I arrived at JFK airport, our tour conductor prepared the bus, which led us directly to hotel of NYC. If there is no bus prepared, I had to ride on some subways and went to hotel by myself. It is not difficult to think a lot of time was required if I went to hotel by myself. After I arrived at Hotel in NYC by bus, a tour guide led us to one of the most famous restaulant in NY. We did not need to look for the resutaulant. Moreover, a tour guide know best place where we want to go most. Our tour guide led us to central park, MoMA, and empire state of building, every place of which is highly famous in NY. The available of a tour guide gives us the benefits that we can travel wihtout making tour plance by own. Therefore, it is said that every travels led by a tour guide is efficient, and we can go best place without bothering.

Second, a tour guide provides us with a lot of historic background of the heritages. When I taraveled in Kyoto with a tour guide, a tour guide lets us know how this shine had been constructed, and why these heritage was important for Japanese history, which was not mentioned in tour guide books. In addition to this, a tour guide sometime informed us of histric events taking place at that building. If I traveled alone, I cannot receive such a information. A tour guide become highly important tool to get affluent of background torward the heritageor buildings.

Some people may say that if you are in group with a tour guide, you loose your free time of traveling. However, the destination of traveling is almost the same. If you go to New York City, are there some people who do not go to times squre ? In case that the destination is the same, it is better for you to go to the destination in the most efficient way a tour guide knows.

In conclusion, the travel with a tour guide is the best since it is highly efficiency and we can get useful information from a tour guide.

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