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TOEFL Essay Topic 21 - In general, people are living longer now. Discuss the causes of this phenomenon. Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay.

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To stay patient or not to stay patient: That is a question. Some people might prefer staying patience while others are more prone to the idea of taking action rather than later. When faced with such choice, there are numerous aspects that need to be considered. In my opinion, however, I would ta...

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People are living longer now Score: 4.5 May 23rd, 2018 by hiromi chugo

Recently, lifespan of people is becoming longer. There are several reasons of this phenomenon. Different people will have different opinion this statement. In my opinion, I think the reason is that develop of medical technology, improving the number of public accommodation, and people today tend to more care about their health than those in past.

Firstly, today medical technology is developing dramatically, thus the disease which was difficult to cure in the past is now cure easily. For instance, smallpox was regarded as impossible to cure in the past. However, the advance in medical skill led to invent the way to cure the infectious. This example support the claim that people today are living longer.

Secondly, today society serves several facilitation for elderly and disability person than past. In my case, my grandmother is hard to live on her own because she is dementia. Recently, authorities provide public facilitation for such person, in which the staffs are supported the patient’s life. The arrival of facilitation, almost people, regardless of condition, are able to live comfortably and healthy.

Finally, nowadays it coming to be commonplace to see people caring about their health like exercising and healthy food. Those phenomenon also makes people lifespan. For example, some polls suggest that many people care their food style for their health. Therefore, many supermarkets deserve lots of healthy foods for such person, and they said the rate of sell is rising.
In conclusion, there are so many factors why people today are living longer. However, I believe that invent of medical technology, satisfy with public facilitation for disaster person, and changing people thinking into healthy from eating whatever you like. For these reasons, I think that people lifespan today expand.

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