New students problems and ways out.

TOEFL Essay Topic 172 - When students move to a new school, they sometimes face problems. How can schools help these students with their problems? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

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New students problems and ways out.

Everyone at one point in time face problem at the beginning of learning a new thing or acclimatizing to a new environment. New college students are not left alone in the conditions as well. How wver finding solution to new college student problems is very important for their stablilty in the school. the following are ways the univer sity could help in resolving it

First, the university should organize a meaningful and compulsory orientation program for all new students. By this, the school will ensure that all students pertake in the orientation. Many students don’t like to attented orientation programs, as they believe it is a waste of time. this silently affect them. They don’t get to know many things until their second yewar in the university. for example, in my first year in University of Lagos, Nigeria, I believe I know my way, but when lecture started, I had to to be asking people around for the location of some classes, so this made me usually going late for classes which at the end of the day affected my GPA.

Second, the college should ensure that new student roommate must be a veteran student. that is, a second year student or at least more than a year in the school. This will not only help the new student to learn the location of the school lecture rooms but also enable them to learn to know more information about the lecturers. Student will learn the pattern in which their lecture like the assignment writing, how they take attendance strictly and so on. This, for instance help me in my school days in the university of Lagos.

Third, the provision of a different identification badge for the new student should be implemented by the school authority. This will help identify them by the old student, by that they can always offer to help even when the new student feel ashamed or embarrassed to ask. For example, seeing a student wandering around looking and feel worried, one can easily go to him or her and say, Hello, you look you look worried, can I help you? that will be a great important thing in a confused condition.

All in all, there are many ways schools can help new school student to combat there problems, like good and proper orientation, allocating them with a student that has been in the school for more than a year and given the new student distint method of identification from the old student.

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