Neighbors Qualities

TOEFL Essay Topic 15 - Neighbors are the people who live near us. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor? Use specific details and examples in your answer.

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Neighbors Qualities

Living in a vicinity of other people is almost inescapable nowadays. It is necessary to the neighbors to deal which other well. So what are the a good neighborhood aspects? Personally, I believe that a perfect neighborhood should be full of, sympathetic, helpful people, and also, people who care about the people whom live near them.

The first important aspect of a perfect neighborhood I think is being among the sympathetic people. I personally can’t endure living with aggressive persons. Before I came here I was in another city. My neighbors were not so out going, and some of them were very old that even children playing sounds suffer them. Because of that I decide to change home, and now I have home in very beautiful side of the city with very sympathetic persons who are very kind to my family; especially my kids. It’s really good to have such nice people around me.

The another feature I think is being helpful to neighbors. Six month ago the Father of the our neighborhood church said that one of our neighbors is very sick. she had a lung cancer, and her husband doesn’t have enough money to pay for hospital. He asked the neighbors if they could help them. The day after tomorrow I saw the Father, and asked about that women situation. He said that the neighbors payed all the money which needed to her chemotherapy. Now after six month the women had cured completely and live happily with her family. If the neighbors didn’t help that family may she perish.

Finally I believe that the people near each other should be watchful about their neighbors. For Instance, there is feeble couple in our neighbor. Every day one of the neighbors take responsibilities about that couple and go to their home, and cook for them, Also help them to clean their house. they are very happy and even the neighbors enjoy doing this duties. the neighbors really care about each other

In brief saying, A perfect neighborhood should have a sympathetic neighbors who love to help each other and truly take care about their neighbor. I believe living in such a perfect neighborhood is a dream of everyone.

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