My generation differs

TOEFL Essay Topic 174 - Every generation of people is different in important ways. How is your generation different from your parents` generation? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

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My generation differs

Every generation of people is different in important ways. In my opinions, my generation differs from my parents’ generation in ways that we are more interconnected, more technology-dependent, but less responsible.

Firstly, the society we are living in is more socialized than before. In everyday life, we can know news happened is every corner of the earth, even in the outer space. While, my parents’ generation tended to focus their attention onto things happened around them. In the career, we often cooperate with person from other companies, or even from foreign countries. While, my parents’ generation used to do their job individually, with little cooperation with others. In a word, individuals in my generation are more interacted and interconnected with each other. Fortunately, this shows the development of our society.

Secondly, we are living in an age seeing a tremendous development of various technologies, and thus my generation is more technology-dependent than my parents’ generation. Personal computers, Internet, and cell phones are so popular in today’s world. We use these hi-tech toys so regularly that we can hardly live without them. For example, some youth are so deeply involved in the Internet that they are no more used to communications face to face. Once they lose the Internet, they may even do not know how to communicate with others. While, in my parents’ age, these technologies were not popular at all, so they can live a pleasant live even without computers or cell phones.

Thirdly, but unfortunately, my generation seems to be less responsible than my parents’ generation. Growing up in better living conditions, we rarely know the hardship of live. Some of us become irresponsible to themselves and their families. Someone wastes time in college, thinking that with the support of their families, he can have a promised future without personal struggle. While in my parents’ generation, most people ever suffered through hard days, so they tended to be more responsible to their families.

In sum, my generation differs from my parents’ generation in both good ways and bad ways. And we should try to make ourselves better than our parent’ were in all ways. In this way the human society develops.

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