My father

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My father

I have a 42 years old father. He is short and thin but good looking. He has black hair and black eyes like many other Chinese people.
My grandfather was very poor when my father was young. So my father had to work hard. Now, he has a good job but he still works hard. He studies everything he does not know. He read many books that I can’t understand. When he learned something, he will always tell me.
My father knows many things. He knows about math and computer very much. He is teaching me program now. Whenever I ask him questions, he can always answer.
My father is very considerate and amiable to me. Everyday he take me to school and back home by bike no matter rain or snow. Whenever I’m hurt, he will rush to me at first time to check me. Whenever I’m sad, he will come to talk and comfort me.
One day I saw my father eating my left food. I’m very touched and I cried. From that day on I don’t left food anymore.
This is my father. He is normal person but I love him very much.

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