Member or Leader

TOEFL Essay Topic 138 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to be a member of a group than to be the leader of a group. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Member or Leader

Given the choice between being a member of a group or being a leader of a group, which one do we choose? It is considered that the best option is to be a leader. However, I would like to be a member rather than a leader. There are two reasons presented as follows.

First of all, it is less obligation that I have to take on. For instance, even though basic workers in a organization are leaded by many others such as managers, they don’t have to worried about the final results. In order to minimize the probability of Karoshi, I am not do such a job that may lead to disease. Therefore, I think that to be a member is a smart choice.

In addition, it is more freedom that I can enjoy. For example, if a company’s effectiveness is so low that it cannot carry out its policy, the manager is the first person to be blamed. Needless to say, the manager must appeal basic members to do our jobs more quickly and correctly, and then the manager has to supervise us day and night. Thus, the manager may not have as much free time as we do.

Finally, it seems likely that being a leader is better in some conditions. The reasons are not so far to find out. It is possible that a leader can fulfill his object by commanding other workers. It is also possible that more chances he may encounter to make fortune. But I think that none of these scenarios could be appropriate reasons for me to be a leader, because millionaires have troubles as well. Hence, I want to be a member of steady job.

To sum up, it is in terms of less obligation, more freedom, and a member of a steady job that I like to be a member rather than a leader.

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