Making others happy

TOEFL Essay Topic 28 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Television, newspapers, magazines, and other media pay too much attention to the personal lives of famous people such as public figures and celebrities. Use specific reasons and details to explain your opinion.

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Making others happy

Some people contend that making other people happy will make you happy too. Other people believe it is not always the case. If asked, both groups would present compelling arguments to substantiate their assertions. For the following reasons, I am of the opinion that making other people happy will help you achieve happiness. First, being appreciated from others will simply make you feel happy; second, one can build rich relationships with others by making others happy.

First, a simple fact that other people have appreciations to you makes you feel happy. This is a nature of human. One day, a pregnant woman stood in front of me when I was sitting on a seat in subway. I felt very tired that day and I wish I could remain sitting until my home station, but I decided to give my way and let her sit on my seat. She really appreciated my kindness and said it was very helpful because she was feeling very sick. For this simple fact that I did something right made me feel very happy. This story demonstrates that you can fell happiness when you make other people happy.

Second, if you always make other people happy, you can have good relationships with other, which make you happy in return. If you do the other way, I would say you cannot be happy. This principal is exemplified by two stories of my friends, Sean and Vivien, both my classmates when I was a high school student. In the high school, Sean was a very selfish and egoistic type of person. He did not care of other and therefore had no friends around him. On the other hand, Vivien was always thoughtful and cared about others. She made people around happy and had many friends. Long after we graduated the high school, I had a chance to talk with Sean in a reunion party. He confessed that he regretted he was so selfish because he felt lonely and unhappy in the school days. These stories illustrate the importance of making other people happy to achieve one’s happiness.

It is true that it depends on a person whether you feel happy when other people are happy. However, it is safe to say, making others happy is one of the key elements of being happy for most of people. First, receiving appreciation from others will make you feel happy; second, making others happy will build better relationships with others. For these reasons, my strong contention is that making other people happy will make you happy too.

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