Making a important decision alone or not absolutely depends on what kind of issue you have to decide on. We

TOEFL Essay Topic 55 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A person should never make an important decision alone. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Making a important decision alone or not absolutely depends on what kind of issue you have to decide on. We

Making a important decision alone or not absolutely depends on what kind of issue you have to decide on. We could not draw a conclusion simply that everyone must consider other opinions or aligences otherwise he should never make a important decision alone. Different problem is solved by different method.

For example, the future private life plan, I think I can decide it by myself, because I know entirely what is suitable for me and what is my genuine interest. In case that my parents, teachers, or friends will all persuade me to agree with their varieties of suggestions, I would probably confuse. However, in the unknown field of our social life, it is better to ask other experiened persons or experts for help before deciding, such as stockmarket, real estate. I still remember what had happened, when I was seventeen years old and had to decide my major and university just before University Entrance Examination. A great many ideas came from relatives, parents and teachers into my mind, consequently making a decision became difficult for me. Finally, I choosed a famous university with a hot medical major even though I am really interested in Computer Science concerned major. I regreted it until now and it almost lead to my quit from the university. I belive that things could be better unless I can decide it alone.

To sum up, I advise that you had better decide something alone if you could convince that you konw all about it better that others. You are the one to enjoy your own life, not anyone else.

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